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  1. AerusalePhoxJr

    Somehow Related Random Picture Land

    show some somehow related pictures but make them small and don't put more then one picture and make is WS if not WORK SAFE THEN LINK IT.....speaking of link... also no quoteing......
  2. AerusalePhoxJr

    the sprite Request Trade of trades and Request and stuff

    i extremly want to see/make some Boss Sprites of my Charater.....and a final boss version of him. but i can't cus i don't like spending more then 30 mins on something.....unless its a castle ....so do you know anyone who is takeing Quick Requests? ..or we can do a trade aslong as you...
  3. AerusalePhoxJr

    things that is most likely not going to happen....

    ...in FA that is posible heres mines geting a watch from dragoneer for be extremly bad.
  4. AerusalePhoxJr

    MS paint the guy at the bottom

    just like the "draw the guy on top" thread but backwords and free(er) but you don't have to draw the person at the bottom....you can do the top person too.....duuuurrrrr lol
  5. AerusalePhoxJr

    who has the most hardest to say name

    16weeks did a poll....so im doing it to....
  6. AerusalePhoxJr

    Equivalent Exchange of Infomation

    You ask a question,I answer. I ask a question,you answer. As simple as that,this is the 1st "sirius" thing I did here so don't feel surprised.
  7. AerusalePhoxJr

    Chuck Norris jokes and Navi the fairy Jokes

    just post some chuck norris or Navi jokes here....just so you can blow them off when bored...... .. not even chuck norris knows Navi jokes..... The only person to beat Chuck Norris was his dad.... ...then he died when Chuck was born everytime Navi says "HEY LISTEN" a Domo-kun dies...
  8. AerusalePhoxJr

    how was your day today.....in a nutshell!

    WERNING! RANDOM THING! just put what ever you did today(and if you want,tomrrow,then next day,and so on)but do it short and funny.... do this if your bored ok.... ___________________________________________________________________________ 1)one woke up looking all evil and emo and...
  9. AerusalePhoxJr

    insane spammer

    someone is spamming butts agian......
  10. AerusalePhoxJr

    Perfectly Purple Furries/Anthros

    has anyone notist almost all the "purple furries" are really blue ..... ..actly this is just for people to talk about anything....this is more of a random thread........ darn it....i had something to say.....but i forgot it.......so lame....:x this face...its everywere....i love...