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  1. Damaratus

    Site Offline 4/19/09

    The main site has been taken offline to determine the cause of the site slowdown and the 502 errors.
  2. Damaratus

    Site Taken Offline 2-25-2009 11:48pm ET

    FurAffinity is preventively offline while we investigate a security vulnerability, but that we do not currently believe that the vulnerability was on the FurAffinity side. However, to contain possible damage, the site has been taken offline.
  3. Damaratus

    Site Down 1-28-2009 7:00 PM EST

    Site is current down, the coders are currently trying to rectify things.
  4. Damaratus

    Main Site Outage 8/26/2008

    Main site is currently down, looking into the reason and hopefully will have the site back up soon.
  5. Damaratus

    Server Status 7/31/2008

    As of this point the servers are in the process of being ordered. Will bring you additional updates as to the make and how long it will take for them to be delivered.
  6. Damaratus

    Raffle Laws

    In recent months the amount of artists trying to run raffles has increased. Though this seems harmless enough, there is a problem with this. While commissions are basically a business transaction between two parties, raffles, specifically ones that involve money given for a ticket and a...
  7. Damaratus

    Current Site Outage 3/1/2008

    Main site Fur Affinity is currently down. In process of contacting coders and fixing the issue. Hold tight folks.
  8. Damaratus

    Sporadic Downtime 2/20/2008

    There will be sporadic periods of down time due to changes being made to the database to help improve performance.
  9. Damaratus

    12/11/2007 Main Site Outage

    Coders have been made aware and are looking into fixing the issue.
  10. Damaratus

    On the Recent Outages

    I'd like to thank the users for their continual patience on the recent outages that were related to the new server being put into place. The intention was not for things to be down as long, but as with many changes, there are often unexpected bumps that occur. The coding/technical staff has...
  11. Damaratus

    Main Site Outage 11/28/2007

    Currently getting in contact with the coders to try and fix the issue.
  12. Damaratus

    New Forum Moderators

    We've brought on a few people as moderators for the forums here. So if you need anything, or feel something on the forum needs attention, there's three more people to turn to now: we welcome Rhainor, Rilvor, and Codewolf to the staff.
  13. Damaratus

    Main Site Being Raided

    The main site is currently in the midst of a raid by your friendly neighborhood -chan /i/invasion squad. We're currently working on getting things back up to speed again so bear with us.
  14. Damaratus

    Call for Coders/Helpers for Ferrox Project

    Attention users of Fur Affinity! There is much work being done on The Ferrox Project, and I suppose you're wondering what exactly it is. Ferrox is a project designed to revamp Fur Affinity, integrating ideas provided by both the community and the current staff. It is meant to be a new and...
  15. Damaratus

    17 Aug 2007 Updates

    The site is currently being updated and will return shortly. Sorry for the unexpected outage.
  16. Damaratus

    8/5/2007 Small Server Reconfiguration

    There's a small reconfiguration of the server in process at the moment. Regular service will be resumed shortly.
  17. Damaratus

    Welcome Back Silverwolfe to Staff

    Silverwolfe had taken a hiatus from the staff for a little while ago, but we are happy to bring him back on board so he will be around to help all you folks again. Welcome back Silver both from overseas and from your respite. :)
  18. Damaratus

    Administrative Response to "Security Problems"

    This post is designed to help present a clear situation of what happened the past few days regarding Calorath and a supposed "security risk" it was reviewed by additional administrators, so this is not merely a statement of my own opinion. Approximately a week ago, information was provided to...
  19. Damaratus

    FA Database Issues 7:20pm (EST) 3/6/07

    Appears to be a similar problem to the last couple of times that the site has gone down. MySQL has become unresponsive and will need a restart. Getting in touch with coders currently.
  20. Damaratus

    FA Database Issues 3:50pm (EST) 3/2/07

    Similar problem as to last time MySQL has become unresponsive. The problem is currently in the process of being fixed (thank you coders :)). Hang tight everyone.