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  1. Biscayne

    Top 5 favorite smells?

    Yup! Idk what it is, but domestic rats smell really pleasant.
  2. Biscayne

    Top 5 favorite smells?

    -Cinnamon -Coffee -Skunk smell (it's weirdly nostalgic) -Campfires -Rats (they kinda smell like grape soda...)
  3. Biscayne

    Question About Fusona

    Sounds like a cute sona and suit idea!
  4. Biscayne

    Why did you choose your fursona?

    I ended up going with three fursonas because I felt like I couldn't accurately represent myself with one or two. Hyena - androgyny, strength, outgoing, finding the humor even in dark situations. This is my "ideal self." Cheetah - focus in short bursts, speed (obvs) but no endurance. Represents...
  5. Biscayne

    How Did Your Family/Friends Treat You After They Found Out About You Being a Furry?

    My family just kind of regards it like one of those weird things I'm into, like anime or video games. My sister is kind of interested in making her own fursona one day (she didn't realize birds could be fursonas and wants to be a chicken).
  6. Biscayne

    What random stuff do you do?

    I go thrifting sometimes and buy any dakin plush I can find
  7. Biscayne

    Important: Changing Your Username

    Edit: nevermind!!
  8. Biscayne

    Possible Fursona Feedback

    Thanks so much! I was worried it would be a bit much but I'm glad it sounds like it wouldn't be a pain in the butt for an artist to draw, lol.
  9. Biscayne

    Possible Fursona Feedback

    I'm looking for feedback on a sona idea I had, a flame point Siamese + orange tabby mix. I'm mainly looking for design feedback - are the colors decent? Is it too complicated? Especially appreciate feedback from artists! would you want to draw this character? Thanks in advance for the feedback!!
  10. Biscayne

    (Commission) Selling: $500 Dog Mini Partial - USA Only

    Just adding the DealersDen listing here, which starts at $300 with an Autobuy of $500. https://www.thedealersden.com/listing/mini-partial-dog/164749
  11. Biscayne

    (Commission) Selling: $500 Dog Mini Partial - USA Only

    Hey there! After some thought, I've decided to rehome my impulse bought mini partial AND CHARACTER (with art). Character gallery with pictures (fursuit pics in tab): Biscayne on Toyhouse Some more pics: They are a premade suit that fits up to a 27 inch head, with one size fits all hands...
  12. Biscayne

    Unpopular opinions?

    Yup, it was around 7 am for breakfast and then school proper started around 8 iirc.
  13. Biscayne

    What scares you?

    Bugs. I like some of them (millipedes, isopods, beetles etc) but when I see a roach or a big spider I turn into a complete lizard brain fool
  14. Biscayne

    Unpopular opinions?

    I got up around 5 am to be ready by 6 to get on the bus, which was partially because I lived super rural and the bus route probably took like 30 minutes. @_@
  15. Biscayne

    Unpopular opinions?

    School hours should start way later for high school students because their natural sleep cycles aren't well equipped to get up at 5-6 am.
  16. Biscayne

    The Dionysus Club - Discord Server

    If you're still looking for members I'm interested. I'm not super into debates but I'd like to get to know some more level headed adult furries lol.
  17. Biscayne

    Describe your fursona thread

    My mascot character (not really a sona, but...) is a mutt named Biscayne that has a sort of outdoorsy aesthetic and always carries a leaf with em. They love going on hikes and aren't a fan of cities.
  18. Biscayne

    What inspired your fursona's name?

    Biscayne is a place in Florida and it just kinda sounds cool lol. I didn't think about it much XD
  19. Biscayne

    What will happen to your fursona(s)/character(s) when you are no longer alive?

    My fursuit and fursonas I'd be okay with going to whoever wants them.
  20. Biscayne

    The Essential Titles

    Redwall. :3