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  1. Ratical

    The official FAF RP thread

    Ratical rips a long, exposed pipe from the wall, which perfectly matched the height from the ceiling to the floor. He forcefully wedges it vertically into the center of the room, making sudden loud metallic grinding noise as it sticks into place. Giving it a quick test shake to check for...
  2. Ratical

    You ever like have a crush on someone's stupid ass fursona

    Sometimes. In sort of a "I wonder how my av would look with their av" kinda thing. Just, y'know, uh, chillin'. Some people on here have some cute sonas, though.
  3. Ratical

    Cliché furries

    I'm just gonna say it, but I like husky characters and I don't care that they're everywhere. They make good sonas, they make good suits, and they're cute. Same with dragons. Something else: Avian or bat furries that have arms and wings as separate limbs. In other words, they have regular arms...
  4. Ratical

    Cliché furries

    You're cool, Mau. Your art's so good you could be a Wolfaboo with neon everything and you'd get a pass. Plus, how often do you see Haxorus? It's like you have the benefit of being a dragon, and being unique. And if someone disagrees you can hack them in twain by turning your head. I liked the...
  5. Ratical

    Zootopia? Can't wait

    I too wonder. Well, Byron Howard (director) is a big fan of Robin Hood and really wanted to do another movie with "animals in clothing", and the other staff seemed really enthusiastic about it, so there's at least a "furry" sensibility to it, at least as we'd see it. There's also a new...
  6. Ratical

    The Importance of friendship?

    A lot of my close friends aren't exactly close, geographically speaking, so I can't see them all the time. After college we kinda scattered to the four winds. But there's nothing wrong with having lots of acquaintances. Especially in the working world, where the more people you know the more...
  7. Ratical

    The wealth building thread

    The only thing I know is that Rassah is giving up his own time to pass on some knowledge. You can listen, you can ignore it, you can disagree with it, but the whole thing seems really low risk and thoughtful, so I support it. He's a jet-setting, empathetic, work-minded guy. Direct, sure, but...
  8. Ratical

    Why do we commission other artists?

    I'm not an artist, but I'd imagine seeing your characters realized by someone else makes them feel more "alive" in a way. The sentiment of seeing someone else take the time to draw something you created is nice, too. Even if it was for money, since some will comment that they had a lot of fun...
  9. Ratical

    Alvin & the Chipmunks...

    It's only a matter of times before all of them get remade in some way. Care Bears tried to have a reboot a few years ago riding on the success of MLP, but it didn't really take. I guess cute talking ponies expunging friendship = good, but when bears do it it's passe. But with Wuzzles, who knows...
  10. Ratical

    Alvin & the Chipmunks...

    The 80s munks (which were based on the 50s design) never looked enough like real chipmunks to me. Alvin and the Abnormally Large Gophers. I've only ever seen the first CG chipmunks movie, and I thought the designs were pretty good actually, but I can't say I got into the film. I don't remember...
  11. Ratical

    Why do we commission other artists?

    All the above. I don't commission much, though. I have a hard time justifying putting a lot of money into art. I'm frugal as all get-out. It's great for networking, too. You commission someone, they post your pic on their page linking to your page, and you do like-wise. Both sides have...
  12. Ratical

    Help to create a species

    Hmm... Gem wolfies. - Luposite - Wolfspar - Dia-wolves (like "dire wolves") - Bitezite I might think of more. ;p
  13. Ratical

    do furry girls play morenatsu?

    Cuz it's fur-abulous! Really though, there seems to be this phenomenon in Japan that full "furry" girls are hardly featured in anything. Video games, manga, whatever. Animal ears and tails are usually about as far as they go, while guys can go complete anthro a lot more often. Maybe the...
  14. Ratical

    The Importance of friendship?

    I'm sure that's normal. There's an "expectation" with family sometimes. They want you to act a certain way or live up to a certain standard or perform some kind of duty or help them in some way that can put you at an inconvenience. Friends usually don't have any personal expectations, they...
  15. Ratical

    The wealth building thread

    This does seem very interesting, Rassah. The root of my money issues has always been fear-based. I don't even like to think about it, and find more comfort in living "in the now". It's also the fear that I'll never live up to how well-off my friends are. They all come from wealthy families...
  16. Ratical

    Cliché furries

    Palette-swiped digimon aren't as big of a cliche as they once were, but they're still around to an extent. Usually Renamon, Veemon, or Guilmon. Glorious leader Dragoneer gets around this by having his sona be a digi-hybrid, I believe.
  17. Ratical

    Furry Flag

    You're forgetting the best alternative use for flags: Some day, at some time, they're gonna discover a new micronation somewhere, and we need to pounce on that and plant our mark before anyone else. That's how it works, I'm told. The sovereign nation of Furcadia can't exist without flag. We'll...
  18. Ratical

    What value is there to shitposting?

    S'funny. Or it can be. I mean, yeah it can be disruptive sometimes but there's no reason we need to take ourselves so seriously all the time. At the end of the day we're still on a furry forum. As long as the ratio to normal posts is okay I don't see much problem in it.
  19. Ratical

    What do you wear in a heatwave?

    No one said fursuit; guess we're not that committed. I wear a t-shirt/polo and jeans pretty much year-round. I bust out of the shorts only if it's blistering, letting my skinny pale chicken legs go "free range". Gotta be desperate, though cuz they could blind someone.
  20. Ratical

    Where've you been/what did you do this summer?

    I usually don't take vacations. Been taking some night classes to supplement my degree and get a little programming experience. Trying to get another job. Going to some of my first ever furmeets. The Summer of Furry Socializing and Job Drudging. Not all bad.