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  1. Akartoshi

    Another furry discord server! :O

    Heya, my name is Akartoshi, I've been around the forums for a while, and I've decided to make a discord server to chat with people here and get to know them better. Everyone is invited, and I'll keep it as neutral as possible :) I'm also trying to build my own discord bot, but it's a work in...
  2. Akartoshi

    Fur above you organizes a thanksgiving party. What goes wrong?

    Self explanatory, something fun I thought you all would enjoy since today is thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving, you lot :)
  3. Akartoshi

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    So, I saw this on another gaming forum and I thought it'd be fun to have it here. Self explanatory, the last poster wins! Currently, that winner is me, so bravo to myself!
  4. Akartoshi

    Ice cream flavours

    What's your favourite cold milk flavour you like to nom?
  5. Akartoshi

    Ideal meal

    Just a self explanatory and fun little thread. What's your ideal meal/favourite food? Mine would be Ak'qartosh with egg and some Abkhaz Chacha :з Edit: Why not tell us the weirdest shit you've eaten while you're at it?
  6. Akartoshi

    (Location) furries

    I've recently been seeing a lot of threads with "Any furries around MD / Oregon / Alaska / etc." so I thought it would be a good idea to compile them all into one thread... or maybe not. So, I'll start. Any furs in the Caucus region? (Georgia, Armenia, Southern Russia) If not, post where you...
  7. Akartoshi

    Where are we all?

    Just curious where furries across the globe are, which countries we live in and what languages we speak. I'm curious if furries are a western thing only or if we've got members from every corner. Tell us a bit about your nation!
  8. Akartoshi

    I'm a potato

    Hay! What'cha doing lurking back here months after this was posted!?