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  1. Koriekraiz13

    Favourite gameshows?

    One thing I can recognise in myself, is that I have an UNHEALTHY addiction to game shows, and I know far too much on them especially kids gameshows mostly on CBBC, but what about everyone else? What's your fav?
  2. Koriekraiz13

    Any cheap & good ways to learn C#?

    I've always had an urge to learn the coding language C# but i don't know any good ways, plus i'd rather not spend a small fortune to learn it, so does anyone have tips or guides for it?
  3. Koriekraiz13

    Need help with practice

    I have recently gotten my hands on some cotton fabric of around 2.5 to 1.5 metres but i have no clue what to do with it. Not to mention. Practice. I need practice. So anyone got any ideas?
  4. Koriekraiz13


    everyone has that one idea, that they would kill someone just to exist, if that be jojo's bizarre adventure but with truckers with pepsiman as a stand, or what ever you got. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT
  5. Koriekraiz13

    Give a "scientific" name which would refer to the user above

    Everybody knows that everything has another name for it, if that be foxes and vulpes vulpes, or dogs and canis lupus familiaris, or rats and rattus rattus. But. Theres enough wacky tacky species and characters in this place to fill a phone book, but unfortunately i left it next to my casset...
  6. Koriekraiz13

    Lets talk comedy.

    Everyone has a wee bit of original material in them for stand up, so i wanna here it! Cause if im gonna make a comedy routine, might as well use it!
  7. Koriekraiz13

    DEAD THREAD: The soon to be furry youtuber feud

    After watching both majira's and omnom's videos about fluke fans spamming CURL GANG, which caused majira to make a tall gang, but banning omnom from the tall gang for making a tiktok with the dakis of both majira, and kiwi, which i found to be pure gold, but then finally omnom made his mark in...
  8. Koriekraiz13

    One does not simply....

    One does not simply_____ Fill in the blank, Example: one does not simply catch them all
  9. Koriekraiz13

    The most complicated thing you remember

    What is the most mind boggling thing you know off by heart, can you sing blackilious' alphabet aerobics, or do you know 100 digits of pi? What's the hardest thing you know?
  10. Koriekraiz13

    DEAD THREAD: Whack your boss

    Your in the office, and your horrific boss is just about to come over, your sick of his attitude and want him dead, and your fed of life taking care of him, so, you call up "the janitor" who can clean up what your going to do, you gonna kill him any means possible, so..... What do you do to...
  11. Koriekraiz13

    Misheard song lyrics,

    What's the most weirdest lyrics you hear in songs that ain't even the words! Plus I don't care how dark it Is,
  12. Koriekraiz13

    A challenge from me

    This is to all the artists and people who don't yet know how to draw, This is a challenge for anyone up for it, I want you to draw a cartoon character, any character, child friendly or not, but, (oh my god where has my life went by saying this singular word) as a furry, and if they already are...
  13. Koriekraiz13

    DEAD THREAD: World of steam (sfw(as per usual))

    The year 2148, the world was thirsty for power it, accidently shuts down all forms of power, from solar panels to wind turbines, all exept for steam, so people start using it, to modernize, but most people went crazy from the change, and were out for blood, most just wanted to survive, so they...
  14. Koriekraiz13

    DON'T READ, DEAD THREAD:I'm worried for the worst........

    I don't know how to put this, I see the fandom as a place I can finally boost my social life, but im afraid when im finally able to go to a convention I would ruin my chances and just by anti-social.... I don't want to live a life without friends,..... can anybody help?
  15. Koriekraiz13

    cartoons you lived on as a kid

    Everyone has at least one favourite tv show or cartoon they binge watched as a kid like me with skatooni and total drama, * you know already just cut to the point* what was your favourite cartoon as a kid, and let me just point out Kids
  16. Koriekraiz13

    Practice makes perfect,

    I've been drawing my sona Kellil for at least 4 straight months and would like it mix it up a bit! So I would ask you if I am able to use your characters, this ain't free art! Just something to check if I'm aloud to use your sonas, i wont draw your sona if you don't post, dont worry, P.s. please...
  17. Koriekraiz13

    Random thought

    What is the most random thought ever.... is it that dolphins are just gay sharks, or what would happen if Pinocchio sayed my nose will grow, I don't know..... you say!
  18. Koriekraiz13

    DEAD THREAD: Rule of the gate

    This game is simple, I post a Rule, and you must match up with this rule to post, and you post another Rule, (Example) 1)post if your under 15 = must be under 15 to post. 2)post if your sonas a wolf= sona must be wolf So on so forth, P.s. don't be to detailed with it and don't spoil the fun...
  19. Koriekraiz13

    Critique: Please judge my art

    I have been filling my two sketchbooks to the seems and want to show other people, so please tell me what you think about the pieces of art I show you. (Can't get art to appear on this post ;w; ) They will appear below
  20. Koriekraiz13

    Who watches Zillion?

    I went on a thread that said who's your favourite youtuber, and not a single soul except me said zillion, and I wonder if anybody actually watches him, so does any body watch Zillion, or even better, met him in person.