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  1. Mikhal18

    Outdoor Activities

    My favourite outdoor activity is when I'm getting out of my car, then I proceed to going home. I do it every single day, at least twice.
  2. Mikhal18


    Talking as potential costumer, not as a possible employee. If that gets me a british guy like this one with an awesome accent, I'll buy a lifetime membership <3
  3. Mikhal18

    I need to speak with a real-life MTF Transgendered Person

    People who say "just ask here" are just curious to know what the OP wants to ask :V
  4. Mikhal18

    The Purge is racist?

    I didn't see any Black guy. I saw a person with African origins. Those weren't Black the last time I saw one IRL.
  5. Mikhal18

    Is dying for someone else worth it?

    That depends on the situation. You can't just say "oh no I wouldn't". That would be arbitrary. People always act before thinking. Some get frozen with fear / anxiety, others just do stuff. As for the Subject at hand: The question is: is everything in life worth it? If one does...
  6. Mikhal18

    Bruno Mars' mom passed away

    Oh, now Corto's pissed. Someone fucked up. Why do you always make me spill my drinks? D: Who? I guess most of you people Furries don't know... But... her true name was Mercedes Del Pilar (those who understand / speak Spanish will get it.).
  7. Mikhal18

    Is internet dating a last resort?

    Not really a last resort. A last resort is to use your Right/Left/both hands for the rest of your life ^^ Say what? Oh fu--
  8. Mikhal18

    Looking for something.

    No I'm Not! >:[ Stahp being mean to me, I say! ... see? Now I'm saaaaaaaaaaaad :'( Someone do something! He's saying mean things to me! He's mean! :v
  9. Mikhal18

    Looking for something.

    No! U! >:[ I didnt do anything to you. Don't be mean to me. Im sensible you know? Stahp it! :[
  10. Mikhal18

    Happy Birthday green guy. You should totally open a thread asking for suggestions on how to...

    Happy Birthday green guy. You should totally open a thread asking for suggestions on how to celebrate :V
  11. Mikhal18

    Happy Burrthday ^^

    Happy Burrthday ^^
  12. Mikhal18

    Looking for something.

    I didn't want to be mean... Oh wait did. :V ^sarcasm. See what I did there? :V ... Oops, I did it again.
  13. Mikhal18

    Bruno Mars' mom passed away

    I'm not religious, so I can't pray for him
  14. Mikhal18

    Bird shit.

    Perhaps the fact that dumbass Ewwman people park them just underneath trees and street lamps, being those places Birds WC you know? :V
  15. Mikhal18

    Looking for something.

    Google "Ask the Sergal" -> Read -> ???? -> Profit. I would send you a "Let me google that for you" but for some reason it isn't available. So, stop complaining and search properly.
  16. Mikhal18

    should a furry have multiple fursonas give me your opinion

    People choose the number of fursonas they have depending on what they want to do with them. I know people that only have one fursona that represents them. Others have several fursonas for different reasons with different personality traits. E.g: One to represent the "positive" side, other for...
  17. Mikhal18

    The Psychology of a furry

    ... ... We should hang out someday :V
  18. Mikhal18

    (sober) 21st Bday Ideas

    Get laid.
  19. Mikhal18

    could someone tell me who artist is?

    I can now admit that, after this, I'll never be able to like boobies again... And milk likewise :V