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  1. Nekokami

    Dark Pit's Gerudo Valley, a mix of two music tracks!

    Here's my fusion of two Nintendo music tracks: Dark Pit's theme and the Gerudo Valley theme (Smash Bros 4 Version)! http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=AWCci_XvTyc Enjoy!
  2. Nekokami

    My new fursona, a fusion of two animals!

    Finally changed up my fursona! Ninten has somehow merged together with a wolf, creating a new character I like to call Nekokami, a combination of the Japanese words for cat and wolf. Here's a bio! Species: Cat/Wolf Fusion. Sexuality: Bisexual. Personality: Relaxed, friendly, romantic, quirky...
  3. Nekokami

    What age group should a book with swears be aimed at?

    So, I've been wondering. Movies, TV, and games all have age classifications that control what age group profane dialogue is allowed to be shown to. But, books seem to make up their own rules. Many books aimed at 12 year olds have mature language in them (words like crap and sometimes even...
  4. Nekokami

    Pokemon Forum

    Somebody I know has made a Pokemon forum. Me and three other members of these forums have joined, and we hope to make the community bigger. So check it out if you like. http://w11.zetaboards.com/PokeStream/index/
  5. Nekokami

    Should I Revive My Old Fursona?

    Last year, I had a wolf fursona. His name was Storm, but that was just because I couldn't think of a good name. However, as time went on, I basically got rid of him. I didn't even have any artwork of him. So, what I'm asking is...Should I bring him back?
  6. Nekokami

    Add Foxes!

    I recently uploaded artwork of a fox, but when selecting the species, fox was nowhere to be seen! They're canids, and extremely popular, so why isn't there a category for them? (If there is, I can't find it.)
  7. Nekokami

    My parents won't let me have 3DS friends!

    I need help with something. How can I get my parents to get rid of the parental controls they set on my 3DS? I want to use Pokemon's friend safari, the eShop, and I wanna be able to play with friends. But sadly, I can't. How do I persuade them?
  8. Nekokami

    New Fursona

    I have a new fursona that isn't a Pokemon! It's a cat whose name I haven't decided. He loves everything I do, because he's me. Here's a drawing: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13779029/
  9. Nekokami

    No furry friends IRL...

    I feel kinda lonely. None of my friends IRL are furries... All my furry friends are people I met online, so I hope I can meet some of them someday. It's a shame, because I probably won't be able to get into a relationship unless my partner is also a furry.
  10. Nekokami

    Does this sound like a good story?

    So, I've been thinking of writing a series of stories about robots in space. There are three main characters: Jet, the eldest, had his memory deleted. When wandering an abandoned planet, he built himself a 'daughter'. He is a grey humanoid with a blue lightning bolt on his head and a blue power...
  11. Nekokami

    Death Note Manga: Worth Buying?

    Hi! I'm thinking of buying the Death Note manga box set from Amazon, but I'm wondering: Is it worth buying? I heard it's good, but I just want to know if it's worth £49.
  12. Nekokami

    Anybody here live in Cumbria in the UK?

    I live in the county of Cumbria in the UK, and was wondering if anyone else on here does. Or maybe you live nearby? I'm curious as to how many people do... So if you're from around Cumbria, do tell!
  13. Nekokami


    Anyone here write fanfics on fanfiction.net? I know, there are lots of god-awful ones out there, but I've read some good ones. I read a lot of Pokemon fanfiction.
  14. Nekokami

    My PokéFursona!

    Figured I'd share this info about my 'sona. He is a bisexual Zoroark who is able to switch genders at will. He can also swap bodies and fuse with others if he wants. His name is Ark.
  15. Nekokami

    Anyone wanna make a furry RP forum?

    The title says it all. Who wants to make a furry roleplay site/forum with me?
  16. Nekokami

    Does anyone else have this fetish?

    Hey, everyone. I dunno if here is the best place to put it, but here goes. I have a fetish for merging. Y'know, people partially fused? Yeah. Anyway, I wanna know if anyone else has the same fetish. Somebody's gotta.
  17. Nekokami


    Hi...I'm 14, British, and not 100% furry, but I do like furdom. :3 I love Pokemon (which is why I'm a Zoroark), and I have a rather odd obsession with merging (people being partially fused so they won't separate). Yeah, I'm strange... I hope to be welcomed into the community with open arms!