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  1. Biochemiphy

    Biochemiphy's Art Gallery

  2. Biochemiphy

    What is your height?

    I'm 6' 2". (1.8796 metres) (187.96cm). The point of this thread is to learn something about one another. x3 Also, to hopefully boost people's self confidence, 'cause they'll realise that they're not the only one that is 'too' small or 'too' tall. (You know, it works both ways!) Please note...
  3. Biochemiphy

    Spyro The Dragon 3 / Spyro: Year of The Dragon

    I loved this game as a child. The character 'Hunter' give me my first dick tingles. #FurrySince6YearsOld Anyway, does anyone else remember it? =3 I never got to fight the sorcerer because I was an impatient little shit that couldn't collect all the eggs and gems. </3
  4. Biochemiphy

    Rayman 2 Gives me a Big Throbbing Boner

    I love this game. Ever since I was a little kid.. especially the PS1 version. I just love it. The voice acting, the atmosphere <3 The darkness (sppooookeh). It was the first game I played with voice acting, it also helped me learn French. <3 Anyone else?
  5. Biochemiphy

    What's your favourite video game?

    Mine is Runescape. c:
  6. Biochemiphy

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

    Do you guys like it? I think it's pretty cool. :D
  7. Biochemiphy

    Hey :)

    ^ After looking through the internet, I found a forum that represents one of my interests. So hey, I'm here now!