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  1. Sledge_Husky 04

    Request: Sledge needs more art...

    my avi pic is the only one and im broke as hell...
  2. Sledge_Husky 04

    Any Firearm Owners?

    Hey all, i was just wondering if there are any people who want to chat about firearms? any gun enthusiasts? i'd love to hear from ya!
  3. Sledge_Husky 04


    Hello, im super bored and antisocial so anyone who wants to talk please start a convorsation with me!!! I would love to talk!
  4. Sledge_Husky 04

    Can i get some help making a husky fursona?

    Ok so im pretty bad at art, so i was wondering if somone would be willing to help me out with making my husky fursona? he is primarily white and has light turquoiseish accents on his fur and paws. if you have any questions about this please ask!!! any help would be much appriciated!!!
  5. Sledge_Husky 04

    Can i get some help making a husky fursona?

    Hey all, i know this is gonna sound really needy, and i guess it is, but my artistic talent is very, very, VERY limited, and i was wondering if anyone could/would be willing to help me out and draw my fursona? he is a mostly white/some turquoiseish blue for like the accent color or whatever he...
  6. Sledge_Husky 04

    How to make friends?

    Hello all!!! I am quite literally the most antisocial person to ever exist, and i see alot of people saying that the furry fandom is so welcoming, so I have to ask, how do i go about making "furry" friends? irl i have 2 friends, and they have been my friend for along time, and they arent into...