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  1. Leo Whitepaw

    Retarded Discord Server

    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers 100% Quality Furfaggoty Join if you wanna
  2. Leo Whitepaw


    Is there any furfaggotry servers I could join, I'm lonely ;w;
  3. Leo Whitepaw


    I didn't see a tread about this already, soo; I made one :3 Feel free to call me an attention whore:D Basically, post whatever twokinds-related thing in here. twokinds.keenspot.com: Page 1 - Twokinds
  4. Leo Whitepaw

    One word

    Pick one word to describe your entire existence with. Please, no-one pick sexy
  5. Leo Whitepaw

    Dual Universe

  6. Leo Whitepaw

    Classic or Dubstep

    Which one do you like the most? Why am I making this
  7. Leo Whitepaw


    Basically; Bourbons or Custard Creams. And no, you can't pick both.
  8. Leo Whitepaw


  9. Leo Whitepaw

    What do you want

    This is a bit like the old corrupt-a-wish thread, minus the corruption bit. Basically, What do you want in life? (Achievements, etc)
  10. Leo Whitepaw

    Donald Trump

    Yay, another debate thread! Donald Trump; A tosspot and a madmad who shouldn't be in chage of a country thats almost as big as his ego, OR; THE HERO THE WORLD NEEDS?
  11. Leo Whitepaw


    Okay. Nuclear weapons. Good or bad? LET THE ARGUING BEGIN! :D
  12. Leo Whitepaw

    Let's Debate The Death Penalty

    It's all in the title. Should it be allowed or stopped?
  13. Leo Whitepaw

    Give me ideas

    I'm in the early planning process of writing a book series, and there's this faction I want a name for, but I can't bother to muster the creative talent to make a name myself, because sometimes I have the creative skill of a roasted peanut. Ideas would be helpful. I'm not giving many story...
  14. Leo Whitepaw

    What's everyone's faith, if you have one?

    The title says it all :V
  15. Leo Whitepaw

    Space, Science 'n' stuff

    Right. What do you think is the best way for humans to reach Alpha Centauri, and other stars? I vote for Anti-Matter Annihilation thrusters.
  16. Leo Whitepaw

    Lego Movie 2

    LEGO MOVIE 2 Coming 2019 So, that's a thing now, apparently.
  17. Leo Whitepaw


    It was his idea, okay?
  18. Leo Whitepaw

    Which way does everyone here swing?

    Soo, 'Which way does everyone here swing?', If you get what I mean and don't mind me asking.
  19. Leo Whitepaw

    Conspiracy jaz

    Post all your 'cruddy-barelyanyevidence-madeupbytrolls/lunys conspiracy theories' here
  20. Leo Whitepaw

    Why, Hello random people

    Hi F.A.F, I'm back. Some older members might remember Aaron Whitepaw, who disappeared 5th November 2016. Well, he's me, I'm back and ready to continue sh*tposting in this forum:cool: