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  1. Player

    Post any meme here!

    Post random memes here! and in 24hrs, i will look through them, i will adopt a catto or a doggo(you can say what you want me to adopt me under your meme) every time i laugh/giggle at it.
  2. Player

    A thread all about dogs

    ADORABLE DOG PICTURES GO! (It can also be your sona if you are any form of canine)
  3. Player

    The user above you's fursona takes a pill, what for?

    I thought it would be a fun game (with a lot of insults) to ask everyone "The user above you's fursona takes a pill, what for?" basically you look at the user above you, and based on their Profile, title, or if you just know their sona well, choose a pill that they would take, it can be...
  4. Player

    Try to make the day of the user above you.

    I saw a thread on forum games that had people insult the user above them. So I decided to try to make a thread that had people try to make the user above them happy. Because nobody is above me, start with me then keep going.
  5. Player

    Here is a question for my fellow science furs

    So, if humans could harness the power of a singularity and create another singularity and manage to entangle them to each other, wouldn't that be a wormhole or a teleportation device?
  6. Player

    If you could do anything for an hour, what would it be?

    If you could do anything for an hour, what would it be? I wanted to see what people would do if they had one hour to do whatever they want!
  7. Player

    Not many can do this, have a try.

    Read this out loud, fast, and say the colors, not the words, tell me how you do, be honest please red green black orange yellow Purple green white gray Blue How did you do? ?/10
  8. Player

    I am in the forum now!

    Hello, I am Player and I am in the forum now!