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  1. Cchytale Murilega

    Bug/Site Problem: My FA has a blue-ish-white skin for some reason

    It used to be like dark gray a while ago, but now it looks like this, and others say theirs are not that color.
  2. Cchytale Murilega

    My first conbadge: What do I need to print it into a proper badge?

    So just recently I commissioned my first badge ever, in hopes of attending my first furmeet with my friend(s) sometime in the future. I have asked a few friends of the types of things I need to do to convert it from its digital form into a proper tangible badge form. Correct me when I am wrong...
  3. Cchytale Murilega

    What song would you use to summarize the type of music you like?

    Doesn't necessarily have to be your favorite song. Just one that you would say best descries your taste. vegAAQm31Xg I like weird and unique stuff like this.
  4. Cchytale Murilega

    Have You Ever Met any Furries Online First, Then in Real Life?

    I have met only one fur online first, then IRL. He was the boyfriend of a good female friend of mine from high school. On FaceBook one day I asked her if she was furry out of curiosity observing her odd behavior that was new to me. She told me yes [she's a cat/fox converted into a fur...
  5. Cchytale Murilega

    Image/Thumbnail Problems: Why Can't I Put Imgur Images on Here?

    I use Imgur as my main image hosting site, but for some reason this site doesn't like it. I wrap the [IMG] tags around the link, but it just appears as a direct link instead after I submit it, ignoring the [IMG] tags. If I try to upload the image from my computer, it always says it's an invalid...
  6. Cchytale Murilega

    Last Thing You Did Before 2012

    I took this screenshot:
  7. Cchytale Murilega

    Bug/Site Problem: Can't like posts

    When I click the like button to like someone's post, I get this: vBulletin Message (specter), you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page...
  8. Cchytale Murilega

    Post your intro

    So let's go back into the past and see our intro threads and see how we sounded, how nooby we were, how different we may have been. Just a fun thing I thought I'd do. Here is mine, and my GOD did I sound like the king of noobs here. Holy shit. I can't believe I was so open with my fetishes...
  9. Cchytale Murilega

    Connection test

    Go to http://www.speedtest.net and run the test by clicking on the yellow circle on the map. After it's done, go to "Share Result" and copy the link, then paste it here. Also post if you're using a wireless connection or if you're connected straight to the router or whatever your set up is. I...
  10. Cchytale Murilega

    When was the last time you cried?

    Kind of a weird topic I know X3 but when was the last time you cried (not counting in dreams)? The last time I cried was June 23rd, 2010 when I left my high school after graduation. I tried to suppress it so much but it was very difficult to.
  11. Cchytale Murilega

    Bug/Site Problem: Can't get some user icons to display on my FA page

    If you go to my page and look at my friends, you'll see I made a whole line of all my friends' avatars, by entering the :usernameicon: format. You'll see that the last two friends I have there don't have their avatars displayed even though I typed their user-name properly and the format...
  12. Cchytale Murilega

    First bio ever

    Pretty much everything is the same between us, just that he's a lot smaller than me and has a different name and orientation than me. Do people usually make their sonas share all the same info as them? Because two of my furry friends told me to make it most like you or something. This is the...
  13. Cchytale Murilega

    Need someone to draw my first fursona ever

    I just came up with my species only a few days ago, and my fursona and bio today. I don't have any references because I can't draw, hence why I'm requesting here. Luckily, I'm a pretty descriptive person, so it shouldn't really be much of a problem. So if anyone could take this up for me and...
  14. Cchytale Murilega

    Latest song you added to your music player?

    The last song I added, which was just a few minutes ago, was this: 1X-EEkGZ954
  15. Cchytale Murilega

    FA won't take me anywhere after I log in

    Every time after I log into FA it doesn't redirect and stays at a blank white screen. I keep trying to refresh but it doesn't navigate away from it. I have to take the login/?ref=/ part out of http://www.furaffinity.net/login/?ref=/ and go that address which is FA's home page and it's fine. It...
  16. Cchytale Murilega

    Bug/Site Problem: It says I have 0 favorites when I in fact do not

    Nothing important but I just wanted to point out that on my FA page it says I have 0 favorites but I don't, and you can even go to my page right now and see for yourself. Popufur also says I have 0 favorites. So I don't know why it says that but I just wanted to throw it out there. Pageviews...
  17. Cchytale Murilega

    Ever been banned? Websites/chat/infractions

    Have you ever been banned from any site, forum, forum chat, or anything else? Have you ever received infractions? For me: Date of my first full website ban: January 4th, 2010 Total bans from all sites: 2 (could have been 5) Date of my first chat ban: N/A Total chat bans from all sites: 0...
  18. Cchytale Murilega

    What ethnicities are you?

    My mom's side (no order): French (most) Irish German Dad's side (no order): English Native American (Seneca) So I am French, Irish, German, English and Native American (Seneca); I'm a mutt.
  19. Cchytale Murilega

    Favorite sports team?

    Searched and found nothing. Also, I have a suspicion that this is the wrong section, so if it needs to be moved then by all means do so. What are your favorite sports teams? You can list as many as you want. Mine: Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies Football: Philadelphia Eagles College football...
  20. Cchytale Murilega

    Are you related to anyone famous?

    I'm related to James Carville; he's my 5th cousin. He has also been in a Family Guy episode (sorry for German; couldn't find any English ones): nRSC0HnTBc0