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  1. Gnarl

    It happened!

    So i sent a letter of inquiry. they asked for some pages! I sent in some pages...they asked for a synopsis.. I sent in the synopsis... they asked to read the full manuscript. I sent in the manuscript.... and waited.... yesterday i received an email and they said.... "We would be delighted to...
  2. Gnarl

    try this The Curse!

    Alright so you didn't like the last one, but how about this sort of thing? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17049623/ Comments??
  3. Gnarl

    the 4th race

    I started a new story, I was wondering if you wanted to comment or critique ? This is still a very raw version of the first chapter but here it is. http://www.furaffinity.net/fav/16961864/?key=8f393162c378977aedd4f0ecca70a88132d37538
  4. Gnarl

    anyone have this problem?

    First I know not many people have one of these things but it is the program I am having trouble with. I recently bought a Cintiq 24HD and with it I got the Corel painter 2015. Last evening I tried to open the program and it won't open. No matter what I have tried. I uninstalled it and...
  5. Gnarl

    opinions on overlay

    What do you think of overlay, by that I mean when one takes a photograph of something in the real human world and puts an anthro into it, something like this? Now be truthfull here, I am not sure if this sort of thing is hokey or could eventually work. I personally am still learning to use...
  6. Gnarl

    First digital piece critique?

    Here is my first attempt at a digital work. I have now had my Wacom Cintiq 24hd for a whopping 24 hours. What do you think? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15928808/
  7. Gnarl

    New StarFox game?

    I saw a u-tube video that said a new StarFox game (Event Horizon) might be out this year. Does anyone know if this is real or just another u-tube thing?
  8. Gnarl

    any one want to add to this story???

    I was seated at my desk and checkingout the news on the internet about the new FAF experiment. I reached over to grab a handful ofthe munchies from the bowl that normally sits beside me when I discovered, the bowl was gone. In its place was something that looked like agarage door opener. It...
  9. Gnarl

    question about digital art equipment

    So here is the thing, I am old, I have a masters in studio painting and studio masters in drawing, however, I predate digital art. I am thinking of getting a digital pad and whatever I need to learn this modern form. So far everything I can find online is more confusing than informative. I was...
  10. Gnarl

    finished writing now the big problem format issues

    Alright so I finished writing the new novel, Teesha of the Ninth Realm. It cam out just under 80 thousand words long. I added some art works and ran the spell check and the grammer thing. I read through it once and then filed the copywright on it. Now in a couple of days it will be ready to...
  11. Gnarl

    The importance of emotion

    Well, I guess I had forgotten the effects of strong emotions on my paintings. For a long time I had tried to do (safe) emotions in my work. Today I painted a not so safe piece, perhaps as way to get rid of some of my anger at those people who pirated my books. The thing, I had forgotten what...
  12. Gnarl

    Time to sell the original paintings

    I still will not do commissions but have decided to sell some of the originals, starting with "Tara's little secret" http://www.furaffinity.net/full/14523904/ If you are interested, this is an original oil painting, oil on canvas board 15" X 19". I will start the bidding at $200.00 USD it...
  13. Gnarl

    Warning! The FBI won't help!

    On super bowl sunday of 2013 I published my first book. It was copywrited with the the US copywrite office prior to publishing. Only Amazon (kindle) has permission to publish or make it available to the public. Today I found out that a Blogger on Wordpress.com has been giving away almost 900...
  14. Gnarl

    I finished it, critique anyone?

    I finally got this one completed. Critique anyone? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14255423/
  15. Gnarl

    traditional pencil critique please

    I messed up her jaw didn't I ?? I don't do digital so this is what I do. Any comments?
  16. Gnarl

    drawing 1 help for those who need.

    I am starting a traditional art (non-digital) drawing tutorial for those who are interested. I will be posting pages with some drawings on them and some exercises you can do. this is for those who don't know how to draw but would like to learn. I recommend not using costly materials. All of the...
  17. Gnarl

    OK people try this one, it only got away from me a little.

    If someone has the time would you please give this one a go and see what you think??? I am only putting on the site in small chunks! Any review would be appreciated!http://www.furaffinity.net/full/13260986/ Forgot the link...
  18. Gnarl

    windows 8 update save me!

    My stupid computer did an auto update and now most of my programs not even mail will work. anyone know what to do?
  19. Gnarl

    the big day

    Well the big is here! funny I don't feel any different. Where is my big surge of wisdom, what about the sudden understanding of the universe? Do I still get a discount at the movie theater? I am now officially a senior... doesn't seem to count for much. I suppose I should start answering those...
  20. Gnarl

    short story problems

    So here Is my issue, I wanted to write a short story to get published by a couple of short story publishers. Every time I try to write a short story it just doesn't work. With the character building and the plot the prologue the build-up and climax and the epilogue the shortest I have been able...