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  1. gothfur_uwu

    Rate The Song Above You!

  2. gothfur_uwu

    What should I pray for?

    pray for big tiddy furry gf to become real, if enough of us do it god will listen
  3. gothfur_uwu

    Date Furries (18+)

    what part of nc?
  4. gothfur_uwu

    Date Furries (18+)

    oh shii u dont live too far from me
  5. gothfur_uwu

    Date Furries (18+)

    I live in this country: USA (north carolina) My age is: 18 My gender is: male? (kinda questioning) My sexuality is: bi My body type is: skinny (kinda like an eboy or femboy) My religious views are: none My political views are: I cba with politics My hobbies include: making music (pretty much...
  6. gothfur_uwu


    took this a while ago
  7. gothfur_uwu

    Meet Local Furries

    I live in this country: USA (north carolina) My age is: (18) My gender is: Male My sexuality is: Bi My hobbies include: Music, hanging out
  8. gothfur_uwu

    Post pictures of your pussy!

  9. gothfur_uwu

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

  10. gothfur_uwu

    (M4M/Gay) Looking for dom top to manhandle me (Kinky NSFW RP)

    this might be a little late but im interested, you can dm me on here
  11. gothfur_uwu

    looking for a femboy or a female (18+) to rp or date, whichever you like

    strictly 18+, im 18 bisexual nonbinary (more masculine)
  12. gothfur_uwu

    furs in/near north carolina/charlotte?

    lets hear it UwU
  13. gothfur_uwu

    am here

    I'm 18, non binary, bisexual, don't really have a sona yet I'm a vocalist and producer for a trap metal collective, ive worked with big artists like city morgue, spider gang, and k9 unit when they were still a thing I mostly use the main site for music and art, but come on here from time to time...
  14. gothfur_uwu

    Techno/Glitchop/(Any like genres of similar style)?

    hyperpop is a new genre that a lot of my friends do, listen to artists from novagang, bloodhounds, and then people like osquinn, angelus, david shawty
  15. gothfur_uwu

    Favorite musicians that was taken from us too early?

    lil peep hella sketchy xxxtentacion sid vicious gg allin kurt cobain