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  1. gothfur_uwu

    looking for a femboy or a female (18+) to rp or date, whichever you like

    strictly 18+, im 18 bisexual nonbinary (more masculine)
  2. gothfur_uwu

    furs in/near north carolina/charlotte?

    lets hear it UwU
  3. gothfur_uwu

    am here

    I'm 18, non binary, bisexual, don't really have a sona yet I'm a vocalist and producer for a trap metal collective, ive worked with big artists like city morgue, spider gang, and k9 unit when they were still a thing I mostly use the main site for music and art, but come on here from time to time...
  4. gothfur_uwu

    how to dm people on furaffinity?

    can someone help me out?