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  1. CertifiedCervine

    Unsettling images

    Back from the dead uwu Post some images that are really unsettling (Keep it sfw, of course)
  2. CertifiedCervine

    Would a mandatory “Internettiquette” class do anything?

    Just a question that popped into mind recently. It can be agreed upon that there are some pretty unseeable and frightening things in our digital world, but what would happen if a mandatory etiquette class was introduced? (Sounds dystopian, I know :p) What if users could only access the...
  3. CertifiedCervine


    Been a bit confused on the whole about drawing a body (Used to headshots lol) Would this be the correct process? Any advice, tips, and suggestions are not just appreciated, but encouraged! Teach me your ways! \o/
  4. CertifiedCervine

    Been out of the loop.

    Sorry for the dumb questions, but I’ve been quite out of the loop with the whole fandom and 2 questions have came across my mind. 1.) What’s with the whole “Illegal” protegen thing? 2.) Who tf is Genesius, and why is he so hated? I heard he quoted the bible once, but I doubt that alone could...
  5. CertifiedCervine

    “The Fandom” Documentary. They need our help!

    Recently, Ash Coyote has been producing a documentary about the fandom and needs funding, but twitter has apparently been shadowbanning individuals who have any relation to it. The documentary is in it’s funding stage, with most promotional content being posted to twitter, but because of the...
  6. CertifiedCervine

    Useful habits

    Just another interruption from your daily “Person does something and now other people are mad” thread. What habit(s) do you have that you think people should try implementing?
  7. CertifiedCervine

    Mildly interesting

    Y’know stuff that isn’t super cool but made you go “wow” Like this:
  8. CertifiedCervine

    Have you ever changed your sona’s name? How did you pick it?

    Been wanting to change my fursona’s name for a while, but I’m rather unsure about it and the process to find one that sticks. As the title asks, have you ever changed a name before? What do you consider when naming a character?
  9. CertifiedCervine

    Nintendo Consoles: Which do you own?

    Just got my Wii out of storage last week, and that got me wondering, Does anyone still have their old consoles? How many nintendo consoles do you own? What console is your favorite? I still have my Wii, 3ds, and Switch, (think my gameboy is in storage, somewhere) and Imo, I can’t really decide...
  10. CertifiedCervine

    Self care; A quick thought.

    I’m sure we’ve all reached points in life where we fear we are not ‘good enough’ or something of the sorts. I’ll admit, I still struggle with these thoughts to this day. Though while in the moment, giving yourself a break may seem like the last thing you’d want to do, you should! Take this...
  11. CertifiedCervine

    Sketchbook: Re-learning the fundementals (Follow along with me!)

    Wanted to start a new sketchbook thread to track my progress. I’m aiming to re-learn some fundementals and see how i’ll [hopefully] improve. So... here it goes! :p (I gladly appreciate any advice! :) ) Notice: I do not take commissions/trades/requests. While i’d love to, I’m rather uncomfortable...
  12. CertifiedCervine

    The X Debate

    Saw this on the news today, and never thought about so many possibilities for drawing a X How do you draw a X? I personally use number 7. :D
  13. CertifiedCervine

    Dumb trends and strange challenges.

    Seems like these weird challenges pop up more and more often. Some can be pretty fun, but others just plain strange or taken too far. Such as this incident :eek: www.google.com: US driver in 'Bird Box blindfold' crashes So, whats the strangest, most dangerous, or outright weird trend you’ve seen?
  14. CertifiedCervine

    Favorite Holiday Traditions?

    My family never did anything special for the holidays, but I want to hear what you did or do! :p
  15. CertifiedCervine

    Strange things you’ve overheard in public?

    Whether you like it or not, we’ve all overheard a strange conversation at times. I once overheard someone on the phone saying “No, you cannot get a child drunk on cough syrup” What’s the strangest thing you’ve overheard?
  16. CertifiedCervine

    What car does your fursona drive?

    Tacoma would probably enjoy driving a 2001 Pontiac Aztec. It may look ugly to some, but he’d enjoy the built in camping features a lot.
  17. CertifiedCervine

    Wow, how this decade has changed

    So, I was flipping through the internet, and found this video reflecting internet memes and pop culture from around 2010-2013 I was quite suprised! I had almost forgotten about so many of these things! How time has changed! Pop culture has changed, New technology has been invented, People seem...
  18. CertifiedCervine

    Documentary recommendations?

    I may sound like a boring durr, But whatever :p I’m looking for good documentaries Specifically available on Netflix? I’m generally interested in any topic Thanks! :)
  19. CertifiedCervine

    Tacoma’s T-shirt Tutorial!

    Did you know it’s possible to make T-shirt’s from home? Like this? It certainly is! A very neat thing to do I’ve learned! I’ll take you through the steps! —— Supplies needed: Blank Cotton T-shirt, Paint(screen printer ink recommended!!!), Freezer paper (1 wax sided) Exactoknife (recommended) or...
  20. CertifiedCervine

    What makes you feel at peace?

    With such a fast paced and chaotic world, What do you to calm down? What makes you feel at peace? I personally like to go for walks or bike rides. It lets me to get time to myself to think and calm down.