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  1. Yoshimaster96

    How to get rid of the cookie banner on FA?

    How do I get rid of the cookie ribbon banner on FA? I can only see an accept button, but no way to reject or manage what types of cookies are allowed (such as essential vs. tracking vs. third-party etc.).
  2. Yoshimaster96

    Need some feedback on a couple areas...

    I'd like some feedback on this model I'm making. Specifically, there are a few areas I wanna know if I'm doing right. First is the twist on the upper arm, is it in the right direction, and is it the right amount of twisting? Second is the head. The mouth is kinda bugging me, what do you guys...
  3. Yoshimaster96


    Considering that the official end of Flash support is just over a year away, and that there's quite a bit of Flash content on FA, I'm curious as to what the plans will be moving forward. Will Flash be removed entirely? Will everything be ported to a more up-to-date technology (such as HTML5)...
  4. Yoshimaster96

    How to search by artist? (FA search)

    Sorry if this is a n00b question, but I can't figure out how to search by artist using FA's search: Search -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Maybe it's one of the @ things, but I dunno. It's not at all obvious.
  5. Yoshimaster96

    How to get people to watch my art streams?

    What the title says. Usually nobody ever shows up, though rarely only one or two people watch (but even then only briefly). I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any help is welcome.
  6. Yoshimaster96

    YCH Advice

    !!VORE WARNING!! Preview 1 of 2 for a potential YCH auction (will have 4 frames when finished). Would anyone be interested? The intended SB is $5, and the intended AB is $25. Does this seem too much or too little? Also, I can't model hair, wings, or clothes. The character must be anthro.
  7. Yoshimaster96

    What's the secret to creativity? Or do I not need it?

    What it says on the tin. What is the secret to being creative? Do I even need it to be a good artist?
  8. Yoshimaster96

    Favorites Folders?

    A nice feature would be folders for Favorites. What do you think?
  9. Yoshimaster96

    A difficult question...

    If I create art of my own character, how do I extend that knowledge to other people's characters? I know not many of you here are 3D modelers, but the same principles may apply to other art mediums, so bear with me. I have recently created this model of my own OC: www.furaffinity.net: YUKI...
  10. Yoshimaster96

    Technical explanation for the infamous attack last year...

    I am very confused on how the attack happened last year. I know it was detrimental, but as an amateur programmer, the nerd inside me was very curious as to how this happened on a technical level. A few months ago, I was chatting with a fellow fur, who shares my interest in vore as well as...
  11. Yoshimaster96

    3D "Requests" (CLOSED, PLEASE DELETE)

    I need practice, so I'm gonna take "requests". They will be 3D models, like this: www.furaffinity.net: YUKI MODEL by Yoshimaster96 (without textures though). HOWEVER, because I don't want millions of requests (I have a life too y'know), I'm gonna set a small entry fee of $0.50. Lemme know if...
  12. Yoshimaster96

    Help getting sales on Gumroad!

    It's been a few weeks, and I haven't gotten any sales yet. I make 3D models of character heads, and they are sold at $5 each. Currently I have only two, Yoshi and Bowser. I don't know why people aren't buying. Here is my Gumroad page for reference: yoshimaster96 on Gumroad
  13. Yoshimaster96

    3D Model "Requests"

    !!!NOTICE!!! There is no guarantee I will do your request. Thank you. What the title says :p Put your OCs here (Must be SFW!), and I will do 'em for practice!
  14. Yoshimaster96

    I need constructive criticism on modeling

    Unfortunately I change my workflow so much and so drastically that I only have one model to show: www.furaffinity.net: Birdsona Model by Yoshimaster96
  15. Yoshimaster96

    Year-old block, want to move on

    You see, over a year ago, someone on FA blocked me (who I will not name). However, since over a year has passed, I want advice on how to talk it out with him/her, to have a mature discussion, and perhaps move on. Also, I know he/she doesn't have ill will against me, at least like he/she used to...
  16. Yoshimaster96

    Art Advice...

    So, I wanna make examples of my work, to show people what I can do, in hopes of getting commissions. But, I only have one OC, and it's not that visually interesting, so I can't use my own character. Plus, I don't have many interests in terms of games, and I don't watch TV. I'd offer them for...
  17. Yoshimaster96


    What are your thoughts?
  18. Yoshimaster96

    Collabs Open!

    I'm open for collabs! I create the lineart on my side using Blender, so you must color it! Also, I'm okay with tame fetishes, specifically soft vore, inflation, and fats.
  19. Yoshimaster96

    Where to post about commissions UNDER $5?

    Where do I post about commissions under $5? I have 3D model commissions available for $3, but IDK how to get people to know about them.
  20. Yoshimaster96

    Basics of 3D modeling, cannot find!

    I need to know what the basics of 3D modeling are. I want to do this as a hobby, but I want a foundation first. I know stuff already, and I want to know where I should start and where I should go. Specifically, I need a list that orders basic concepts to more advanced concepts. Anyone know...