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  1. Zhalo

    Furry chat binds

    So I know a good bit of games and other stuff let you have chat binds. I made a bunch of furry related binds that I use, mainly in CSGO. Usually I will use them when people are telling me to burn in hell and such. Especially if I am winning, because furry psychological warfare. anyways so far I...
  2. Zhalo

    Does anyone else miss the way computer cases used to be?

    I honestly don't like how high-end PC cases are today. There is a place for tempered glass and RGB, I thought glass side panels were really cool when they first started to be a thing I still do. Right now though there is no new mid-high end options coming out nowadays for purely functional cases...
  3. Zhalo

    Furry Iceberg

    Have you guy's ever seen those Iceberg charts, I have looked around to see if I could find a furry one just to see, but I can't find one. So now I am wondering what would even be on the furry iceberg. So far I have furry world domination and the company's hires furies conspiracy. Of course I...
  4. Zhalo

    What do you guys think Frisky is high on all the time?

    Because obviously @Frisky1753 is on something, but what is it? My guess is LSD or shrooms, but it might be something else what are you guy's thoughts?
  5. Zhalo

    NSFW Section

    I think it would be a good idea to keep threads like "cut or uncut?" and "What is your main fetish?" Out of general and community discussion and instead make and put them into a section exclusively for NSFW discussion.
  6. Zhalo

    Social Anxiety

    So, personally I have social anxiety, I think I have had it since I was in 7th or 8th grade and it sucks! For people who don't truly know what social anxiety is, imagine every time you have to walk by someone in a hallway at work or school and you have to say "hey" to them that the whole...
  7. Zhalo

    Does the fandom make people gay?

    So, I think we can all agree Furries are really gay! At least compared to the general population that is. The thing is why are furries so gay? I heard some people say that it is because in order to be a furry in the first place you have to be very open minded, and therefore people who are...
  8. Zhalo

    Default Font

    Why do some people fuck with the default font? Do they just not want other people to be able to easily read their posts? Is it because they really hate dyslexic people? Do they think it looks cool...because it doesn't...it is just annoying. I'm not trying to call anyone in particular out here...
  9. Zhalo

    Unrealistic Careers?

    I have always been interested in history, Its always been my best/favorite subject in school. I remember when I remember when I was 10, 11, and 12ish that I wanted to study history in college. The thing is though when I was 12 or so my parents were asking me what I wanted to major in in college...
  10. Zhalo

    1st, 2nd, or 3rd Shift?

    So I just started a new job recently and they put me on morning shift, (7:00-3:30) without ever asking me what shift I wanted. If I was left to choose by myself I would of chosen 2nd shift which is 3:00-10:30 just because my thinking would be that I would not want to get up early. Thing is...
  11. Zhalo

    Why don't we choose our names?

    I mean it's kinda dumb, we just get assigned a name by our parents and then it is the norm to use that name for our entire life. I mean you can legally change your name, but it is not that much of a socially acceptable thing to do. As well as it being a hassle to actually do. Names are the first...
  12. Zhalo

    I need advice

    Okay, so I think I have mentioned on this fourm before that I skateboard and ride BMX. Those 2 things are very big components of my life. I identify with being a skateboarder/BMX rider significantly more so than I identify as being a furry. I spend alot of time (about 16hrs/week) at a local...
  13. Zhalo

    Yo whats up!

    Sup, so I just recently got interested in the fandom, and decided to join this forum. I just recently started working on a fursona (can't draw good so I am using a free to use line-art ref sheet.) I play games and I like action sports. Cant really think of much else to say outside of that...