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  1. Brotafur

    (Commission) Selling: New artist offering cartoony SFW portraits/avatar commissions. Starting at £10 ($13)

    Hopefully the picture says it all! Link to the FA upload here for more detailed info. I'm pretty new here and want to try and do some portraits for people. I specialised in a variety of cartoony styles that sit somewhere between Disney and anime, but I can do more iconographic or chibi stuff...
  2. Brotafur

    Leaving my comfort zone <3

    Very nice! I love the delicate lines and soft toning!
  3. Brotafur

    New User and Occasional artist

    Hello everyone. Finally decided to register here! While I've never been fully involved in the furry fandom, I'm a big fan of cartoony anthro art. Occasionally drawing it myself and looking to start doing a little more NSFW and pinup style work for fun...