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  1. FellTheScarfDragon

    Relaxing in bed YCH

    Having a little auction on my FA page. Come check it out if you’re interested! www.furaffinity.net: Relaxing in bed YCH Auction, SB$15 by Fell Thanks for reading! And have a great weekend.
  2. FellTheScarfDragon

    Code of conduct question

    I have a question about the code of conduct and wasn't sure who to ask about this. So I'll try here. In the code there is this paragraph: Do not spam. This includes registering accounts or posting content automatically, messaging users en masse with ads, posting content that is nonsensical...
  3. FellTheScarfDragon

    Come check out my FA!

    Today is my 1 year anniversary on FA and also my birthday. So in honour of this I thought I'd make a post to see if I could get more watchers and more friends on the site. I really love the community and want to be as much a part of it as I can :) You can find me here: Userpage of fell -- Fur...