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  1. ice(zachary)

    fursuit maker(OPEN!) you can barggen the price down but not that much

    probaly not the place to post but oh well :3 Hey, Do you want you'er good looking fursona to become a fursuit? Well I am a professional fursuit maker/costume creator, and my rates are very fair. So if you want a fursuit,digigrade partial etc. contact me. I reply to notes here on DA...
  2. ice(zachary)

    Fursuit maker wanted! [Cat partial]

    im willing to help, my toony fursuits are high quality and stitching is strong :3
  3. ice(zachary)

    fursuit commissions

    want a high quality fursuit for you'er lovely ideas well just well you've come to the right person i do accept monthly payments :3 link to price page: shearmantank.deviantart.com: FURSUIT COMMISSION SHEET