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  1. BunBunArt

    Hiring: [CLOSED]Princess Bunny Logo (50€-200€ or more if needed)

    Hey! I'm here this time to hire someone instead of offering my work :D I'm pretty bad at graphic design and I need a better logo title for my comic Princess Bunny. What am I looking for? Well I have these 2 versions of the logo, but I'm talking to my patrons to see if they want to offer new...
  2. BunBunArt

    Princess Bunny Community - Discord Server

    First of all you can get more info about Princess Bunny here. =) Initially the discord server was only meant for Patrons, it was a place where I used to upload their rewards when we were just a few. Then I had a problem: not all patrons would want to join discord, and if their didn't join they...
  3. BunBunArt

    Your desk!

    Share your desk if you want! Or where your PC is! Or where you use to work at home, or just do stuff as hobby! Where you play videogames!! Or... just your favourite place in the house :D Share your favourite spot in your house <3 Here's mine: I'm a freelance artist and here is where I work...
  4. BunBunArt

    Struggle: getting things done

    Hey guys! I've been wondering if I should try opening up a little bit becuase it might help me and others, or at least inspire by sharing my daily struggles and how I get through them every day. In my case it's about ADHD but I've seen people having similar issues (not as extreme as those with...
  5. BunBunArt

    Happy Holidays! New Year Resolutions

    I wish you the best! Spend time with family, pets and get some rest from work/studies or whatever! About the new year resolutions? Here some of mine: I will never leave clothes in the washing mashine from the morning until next day... (yes, I always forget...) I will create a princess bunny...
  6. BunBunArt

    Free Art: Raffle for 1k!

    I just hit 1k watchers on my FA account, so I'm hosting a raffle where you can win a full colored illustration with 2 characters included and background! If you want to participate, check it out here ♥ Thank you a very much lot!!
  7. BunBunArt

    How to get better at drawing (for lazy artists)

    I really wanted to share this because lately I see many people complaining about not getting good at art and stuff... and when you tell them: practice. They come with excuses. So here. Painful truth, and I am sorry but it's as simple as this! :'D
  8. BunBunArt

    Where is everyone!?

    Is it just me or when september started FA became a lot less active? :( I noticed in the forums and in the main page as well. Fewer submissions, visits, comments, likes, commissions, everything just dropped down! I assume it's because of the "back to school" month? I hope it's just that or am I...
  9. BunBunArt

    Sketchbook: 365 Days Challenge

    I finally decided to do this! This is not the official place where I am going to upload the art but I do want to share them here as well. So my challenge started yesterday and will end up in a year: September 6th 2019 - September 6th 2020 ✿ Day 001 ✿ Day 002
  10. BunBunArt

    Anyone playing FFXIV Online?

    I'm trying out the game, but not the demo, I actually bought the game + expansions and got 30 "free days", so here I am. Any thoughts on the game? Do you guys enjoy it? Does it get boring?
  11. BunBunArt

    Blacksad: Under the Skin (Game)

    I don't know if anyone posted this, I looked in the search box and only saw people talking about the comic. Let me know if the post already exists and I will ask to remove it >.<! Sooo the game is coming out in november! =o store.steampowered.com: Blacksad: Under the Skin on Steam
  12. BunBunArt

    365 days challenge

    Is anyone going to join me with this challenge? :D I've done it before back in 2012 and it was awesome. I improved a lot but then... got college and a full time job so I couldn't do it again. But now I will do it again! So come on! Let's draw a sketchie every day for 365 days! I promise you...
  13. BunBunArt

    Free Art: You and me! [CLOSED]

    So I'm going to call this requests thread "You and me!" because I'm going to draw your sona with mine (Ella Bunny). I have no idea how many of the requests I am going to draw, but they're going to be sketches just to loose my hand a bit more because I've been drawing complete pictures for a few...
  14. BunBunArt

    "What eyes can't see" - Webcomic

    So @HistoricalyIncorrect and I are working on a RP based comic that will come out next month. You can subscribe and read it for free on Tapas Early access, wips and other extras on Patreon The story happens in the 30s in London and it's a detective-kind stories with a little bit of romantic...
  15. BunBunArt

    Raffle #2 [OPEN]

    I've opened the second raffle of this year to celebrate my over +600 watchers ♥ Thank you for all the love! If you wanna join, just click in the image and follow the simple instructions :D (The art is the previous raffle winner's~)
  16. BunBunArt

    Do you guys prefer fanart?...

    I mostly draw originals, either my characters or commissions, but I've never done some fanart. What do you guys thing about it?!
  17. BunBunArt

    Swordman needed for webcomic! [CLOSED]

    Hello! I'm looking for some new speciffic characters right now and I couldn't find anyone to fit from all the submissions I got through this form: goo.gl: OCs submissions for Princess Bunny Webcomic I need a swordman! A warrior! Maybe retired? maybe young but still didn't get his skills...
  18. BunBunArt

    Seeking inspiration [CLOSED]

    I am taking a few requests just to see if I get inspired for my comic, so I will draw the character you're requesting with Princess Ella or Haru from my comic just to see how much they fit in the story! No it doesn't have to be in a romantic way at all. I'm looking for any kind of characters...
  19. BunBunArt

    Ella wants YOU!

    Would you?! Subscribe your character here! * Your character will always be yours! I will NEVER claim it's right and I will credit you! * Your character can appear anywhere in the story since it's not decided yet. The story is: She goes on adventures to see the world. So anything can happen! *...
  20. BunBunArt

    My first furry art!

    I wanted to share before the year is gone, some of my oldest art, the oldest I could find of when I was 11 years old (around 15 years ago!) I just hope some of you get inspired by this, or motivated! I've seen posts of people frustrated because they are new at art, and I must say: there is a...