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  1. foxmusk

    Like the Hale-Bopp comet, I'm back.

    Hi i'm Nico/Foxmusk, I used to by Harley/psychweasel/fleabeast/harleyroadkill/harleyparanoia/probably some other dumb shit and I was on here like 9+ years ago making a total ass of myself as teenagers tend to do when allowed unrestrained use of the internet. I'm a full-time artist now and i'm...
  2. foxmusk

    What would you do if there was a rocking chair in your room

    How would you cope?
  3. foxmusk

    Trigger warnings auto-corrected/set into posts?

    As with what i've been reading on FAF, i've been hoping to change people's thoughts on things. I know, obviously, this is not going to happen. People want to be able to say what they say regardless on how others may feel, and, while i don't agree with that, it's gonna happen anyway. So, since...
  4. foxmusk

    I just found someone's life a box today.

    Today, i was exploring an abandoned house with my friends. As we were leaving, we found a briefcase on the front porch that was smashed in. upon further investigation, i found it was a document box full of this guy's most important shit. there's a diary, and piles and piles of hundreds of...
  5. foxmusk

    The unofficial official DUBSTEP/*STEP thread

    For all your dubstep/modestep/gorestep/*step needs <3 List your favorite 'step musicians, songs, remixes, and all the sorts <3 For starters, though, the very best is Skrillex.
  6. foxmusk


    this is my new addiction. dubstep. the grittier, filthier, nastier the better. FAF, share with me your favorite dubstep. preferably the slow sexual stuff and not that fast jungle bullshit. Skrillex - Scary monsters and nice sprites Skrillex - In for the kill (REMIX) Dubsex - Smells like teen...
  7. foxmusk

    FA pics won't load

    And i can't figure out why. it won't load any thumbnails AT ALL, which prevents me from looking at anything on the front page or in anyone's scrap gallery, or from checking my submission messages. furaffinity is the only site that is doing this. i've cleared all history on my computer...
  8. foxmusk

    Cryptozoological experiences (paranormal sightings)

    Whether or not you believe in paranormal creatures like the loch ness or the one i'm about to detail to you, i encourage you to read this with an open mind. FAF user scruffaluffaguss, with whom i live here in roanoke VA, was driving to work last night. He called me to tell me about something...
  9. foxmusk

    best antimalwarespywarevirus protection?

    Because i hear different things all the time. i just got that "vista antispyware 2011" virus on my computer (as well as one i've had for a while that makes google searches redirect to fake websites). what is the best anti software to fix this? free, of course. malwarebytes didn't catch either...
  10. foxmusk

    ben needs to stop

    ben you need to stop keeping trains from crashing. because i was there, and i had my marshmallows ready. but no. you superhero'd the shit out of all my fun. this thread will be locked before page two.
  11. foxmusk

    who is the sexiest furry?

    go go go
  12. foxmusk


    since the other rap thread is at least eleven pages old...let's get some nasty rap up in here B] this guy has become one of my favorites in one night. you might wanna open it up and read the lyrics. QGxGaa26FXg
  13. foxmusk

    getting an animal skeleton out (science/taxidermy halp)

    just warning anyone with a light stomach that this is kinda gross. i have a dead opossum and i'm trying to get it's bones. it's been in a bucket for three weeks, but unfortunately i couldn't get water in it to let it simmer until about five days ago. it was in a garage, but my family has made...
  14. foxmusk

    i'm not sure i comprehend mourning.

    Yesterday, there was a murder suicide in the county where i live. a man killed his wife for divorcing him, then killed himself. as of today, it's all over the news. i was invited to join a group on facebook to pray for the family, but i don't pray so i left it in limbo and didn't accept or deny...
  15. foxmusk

    legend of legaia

    did anyone else have this? i'm pretty sure it came out about the same time as FF8 or FF9, so it was kind of a backburner RPG that got put out in hopes of being a final fantasy of sorts. i ask because i have had it since it came out and have been playing it every day for almost three weeks...
  16. foxmusk

    backmasking (ooh spooky!)

    so, with the recent jay z backmask coming to spotlight, it's got me wondering, just how popular is this, and we're not realizing? his song itself, "Lucifer" is said to mention no satanic messages backwards (other than the obvious title...). we could get in depth that track nine is "99...
  17. foxmusk

    removing submissions easily?

    it used to be where, if you went to delete submissions, you could delete more than one without having to delete, go to account, go to "manage submissions" and clear each one at time. is there any way it can not redirect back to just viewing the gallery?
  18. foxmusk


    what do you have? how many do you have? what have you gotten that turned out horrible and you would just as soon forget about? right now i just have a septum, but as soon as i can get a job that lets me, i'm geting caninebites.
  19. foxmusk

    dark ambient/uncomfortable music

    the sort of low, dark music that legitimately makes you uncomfortable. i need it.
  20. foxmusk

    art: what makes a furry a furry?

    i've noticed a lot of argument about what is furry and what is "neko" or whatever they call catboys and so on. for example, a human with ears, whiskers, paws and a tail can still be called a human. i've even noticed a human with the same as before, add in fur to the mix, still a human. so...