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  1. Qualms

    ISO Beastar's Style RP

    Hi all. I'm really enjoying the Beastars manga, and I would love to know if there are any dedicated communities out there that are doing RPs within the world of Beastars. I find myself trying to imagine how my fursona or any of my OCs might fit into that kind of world. I like the main...
  2. Qualms

    Decided to redesign my fursona - wanted to share.

    I decided to do some fine tuning to my fursona. I posted a couple days ago on whether or not I wanted her to be a skunk, or a skunk/rabbit hybrid. I have decided to go full-skunk. I'm embracing it because I think skunks are so adorable and introverted. I'm sharing a photo below. I used a...
  3. Qualms

    Not sure about myself or my fursona

    Hi. I'm a new fur. I think that's what it's called. I'm 25 going on 26, and I'm a bisexual woman. I'm married. I love my wife and my home life. I have a good relationship with my family. But I have no close friends. Not after college anyway. I want to make friends but it's hard for me. I often...