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    Formatting masterlist?

    Hey all. So Awhile ago I asked a few things about how to manage one's profile on FA, and someone sent a link to a masterlist where it showed all the ways you could alter the text. Does anyone know where I can find that?
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    How do I submit to the Fursuit/Crafts section?

    When I am brought up the options of what to post, all that comes up is art, writing and music.
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    Is there a master list of groups on FA?

    As most of you know, there is a neat little way to post what kinds of things you are interested in/a part of in FA, by putting a group in the form of a user account on your page. Now while I’ve seen many of these, I’ve only ever come across them by seeing them on other’s pages. Is there a list...
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    Anyone remember this?

    So I know that many, if not most of you guys are “90’s kids”, but for my fellow 2000s kids, do you remember a certain Petz game that Wendy’s gave out as toys around 2009-2010 (can’t quite remember)? If you recognize this song you’ll know what I’m talking about. (Sorry for the low quality, it’s...
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    Can you delete profile comments?

    So can you delete comments you post on other’s profiles? (I think they’re called “shouts”?)
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    About Icon Links

    How do you post an icon with the text link next to it? The way I use it is where just the icon appears (:NameIcon:) But a lot of other pages have it where the name is next to the icon. Thanks!
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    How do I do this?

    Sorry for the obligatory title, but I couldn’t quite word it. Anyways, I find on multiple FA pages, there are often other people’s profile pictures that serve as links to their pages. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I posted an...
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    Can I change my name?

    I've looked all over, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it.
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    Proud to be English...?

    What I'm talking about may or may not be a controversial subject (I'm saying this because I actually don't know). So, if you don't like what I'm saying, I ask you please simply leave. If I am doing something wrong, then you can tell me. Anyways; I am half European, my grandmother is English and...
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    Tips for a fursuit dancer?

    Hello! Ever since I got into the fandom, fursuiting (and fursuit dancing) have always been such a magical and enthralling experience to watch. With a fursuit of my own coming in a few months, I will soon join this world of wonder! However, I know it's not all fun and games, especially those...
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    Is writing an art? Just your opinion. I would think so, as I am able to creativity express myself, and make my stories interesting and my poems meaning
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    Any furry Discord servers?

    I can't find any 3:
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    Few questions about FA

    Hello furry peepz. So I'm on FA like most of you are, but I have a few questions/problems. 1. How do you delete a submission? 2. How do you submit writing?
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    Random question

    Hello furry peeps, I have a random (and possibly stupid) question. But stupid questions can have answers that don't let break the rules/law... If that made any sense... ANYWAY So during cons, I see some people dancing and preforming and doing things like that. You know, they'll have a small...
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    NJ furry meets?

    Hi! I'm wondering if any of you know of any furry meets in NJ? I know it's a pretty quiet state furry-wise, but it can't be hopeless Or hey, maybe a website that lists furry conventions around and/or what time maybe?
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    I have a big problem...

    Hello, hope you're doing well. I have commissioned More Fur Less for a fursuit, but they have not replied since the request (I would suggest reading a previous thread I made on this: forums.furaffinity.net: So regarding More Fur Less... ) I understand they are busy, but every other time I have...
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    So regarding More Fur Less...

    Hello peeps. As you may know, More Fur Less opened up for commissions a week ago. I of course, sent a request (with my mothers permission). And... I'm still waiting. Ok, I fully understand that they are a very popular maker with many projects, and I may just be overthinking this. However, this...
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    Ok this is the only place I could think of to post this and I'm sorry. I accidentally cracked my sisters phone. Yes I KNOW IT DOESN'T LOOK BAD SHUT UP.... sorry. Anyway, does anyone have any good suggestions to fix something like this? Pleeeaaase help!! (Also, don't post anything that won't help)
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    Umm, heres a thing..

    Hello. I thought I'd share this, just for the heck of it. The girl just so happens to be me :) Enjoy!
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    Me as a gamer.... Do I suck?

    Heyo how it goes? I've been a gamer since.. I forget when exactly, but it all started when I got my Nintendo DS lite and new super Mario world. I've got more ds games then I can count (including some 3ds ones). I've also console games quite a bit, mostly Nintendo (yes I'm a noob from that sense...