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  1. AwoDee

    Suggestions on How Much to Save Up?

    Hey there! Was looking to potentially go to a convention or two in '19 or '20, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how much to save up. Was already looking @ 500$ as bare minimum, considering transportation, food stuffs and cost of badge n hotel room. Wouldn't be surprised if the...
  2. AwoDee

    Ads on fA

    THIS MIGHT SOUND ODD but genuinely fA is the only site I have adblock disabled on? The Ads are honestly??? really nice to see! They're always aesthetically pleasing, out of the way and don't throw off the balance overall in the CSS. I forget how they are in the original, considering that I use...
  3. AwoDee

    I Beg u Fellow Artists,,

    Please please please!! Make the images you send @ max 600px on the longest side. It's extremely hard to properly view your pieces, not to mention is scrolling hell! I'm pretty sure it'll help w/ getting more commissions and etc, too, since ppl would b able to see your works. aha, sorry if this...
  4. AwoDee

    Recommendations for Fursuit Styles?

    Interested in making both a partial and full fursuit, but I'm more so looking into suggestions for a style to do the head in! Well, take inspiration from at least! Not a big fan of this style to be honest, but that's the most popular one so it's a bit of a no go for me. If you're curious what...
  5. AwoDee

    Icon Trade?

    Looking for someone who might b willing to do an icon trade!!! Preferably one that's 300x300 to 600x600 so I can resize as fit, tho 200x200 also works! Specifically one of my Sona Examples of my art can b found on ArtFight and fA
  6. AwoDee

    Other Sites for Posting SFW Art

    Hewwo! I wanna spread onto more sites for cross posting, considering I don't get much attention on fA and dA's practically dying. Any recommendations? Already on Weasyl btw!