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  1. DShain

    Headshot Commissions! [$7]

    Headshot Commissions for $7 USD! I can draw anthro, feral or human(anime). I cannot draw mech/non-organic. Payment is through Paypal only in USD, and must come up-front before the commission is started. Refunds are not available for completed work, but I'm willing to do minor alterations...
  2. DShain

    What are your experiences as a small business/self employed?

    I have not learned enough about these subjects, so I figure tying a discussion into my ongoing research is a good idea. A lot of artists on FurAffinity make good profit on commissions and the like, but once your income reaches a certain amount ($400-$600 for a 1099 after deductibles?) the taxes...
  3. DShain

    Fetish vs Violence Filters

    Maybe this has been suggested before, but I did want to leave my thoughts. I generally browse with the SFW option active to filter out the porn/fetish, but I also miss out on non-fetish gore/violence. I suppose it would be cool to differentiate between the two in these filters to allow users to...
  4. DShain

    Creature Design Auction!

    The bidding began at $5 and will end MAY 22 at 12:00am EST! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10628633/ With quadruped and bipedal options. The creature could be described as a mixture between a dragon/cow/dog, though the winner of the auction may alter the design as they please!
  5. DShain

    Long tail skeleton help?

    I feel I'm in a bit of a pinch. Above is an image of the character I'm trying to cosplay which I've been constructing, but because it has anthropomorphic aspects to it I feel this is a better place to get help. I've gotten very picky about what I would like to do about his tail, but most of my...
  6. DShain

    Eye advice?

    I've watched and read many tutorials, but I've been at a loss for how to approach a very particular character's eyes. It is a lot like a chameleon, so these eyes appear to "bulge" out of the head to a reasonable extent. I liked the concept of resen, but I need to be able to see through these...