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  1. Cyril

    Lynne Lygari - Banded Linsang

    I've had a character design in mind for a while now and finally have motivational reasons to put it to paper so let's do that. Trying for a character that has a bit more of a backstory than my past few, though not anything super detailed. PROBABLY not worth reating. Name: Lynne Lygari Age: 19...
  2. Cyril

    Contest for free music (WHAT)

    read: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2819917/ don't respond to this thread.
  3. Cyril

    Free Art Frenzy

    For future reference, when offering free stuff you should use The Art Exchange ;)
  4. Cyril

    Saff the African Civet

    Name: Saff Kaliarda Age: 17 Sex: M Species: African Civet Height: 4’7 Weight: 97 lbs Appearance: - Hair and fur: Base fur color is blue, with a darker/navy blue around paws and feet and for markings. Brown hair, not too long but not short, kinda scruffy; is mostly on the top of the head...
  5. Cyril

    Bug/Site Problem: Mature content showing up through filter

    The thread topic is too short to completely describe my problem, so here we go. Issue: I have mature submissions showing up in my submission inbox. I have the mature filter on and should not be seeing these submissions. I still can't view the submissions though so the filter's at least half...
  6. Cyril

    Song Lyrics/Poetry - Critique Wanted

    I'm not a writer or a poet but I wrote song lyrics so if there's bad awful stuff that should be changed I'd love to know. I'm not completely 100% satisfied with how they came out which means I'm sure there's something you people will be able to help me with :rolleyes: COME AT ME FAF...
  7. Cyril

    5 ways to end a song

    Random thing I had floating through my head that I feel like typing down. I personally feel that there are only 5 ways to end a song, no less, no more. 1. Fading Out Self-explanatory. The song keeps repeating a progression/melody, and slowly fades out to silence. This type of ending has always...
  8. Cyril

    Cyril Daroun

    Cyril the Red Panda Name: Cyril Daroun Age: 20 Sex: M Species: Red Panda Height: 5’ 11” Weight: 153 VISUAL REFS SO I DON'T HAVE TO LINK THEM EVERY TIME: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6263114/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6258480/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6620447/...
  9. Cyril

    Any song suggestions for guitar covers?

    I've been rather bored in the past couple of days and that's led me to attempting covers of several songs. But I don't have a long list of songs that I both want to cover and have the capability to cover. So does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not terribly good at playing guitar but I don't...
  10. Cyril

    They have forums here? 0_o

    I just stumbled upon the forums a matter of minutes ago, so... Hi, I'm a musician who's relatively new to the site. *waves at everyone*