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  1. moon-drummer

    A furries wepon of choice

    It really depends on what the enemy is using. I mean, if they have a gun obviously having a melee weapon would be ineffective. Realistically speaking, I would use a combination of a large piece of furniture as cover, a sturdy door I can bar from the opposite side, a window as an escape route and...
  2. moon-drummer

    Who is your current furry crush?

    Marvel comic's The Rhino. Who is basically a super strong guy in a rhino fursuit.
  3. moon-drummer

    What Furry Art Would You Put in a Museum?

    Hypothetical situation - Some major art museum wants to run a temporary/seasonal exhibition on the theme of "furry artwork," and they're looking for suggested pieces to put in their gallery. Which pictures or artists would you recommend they feature? Note, this is NOT 'who is your favorite...
  4. moon-drummer

    "Women don't need to be paid equally because money is more important to men."

    Re: "Women don't need to be payed equally because money is more important for men." Why isn't Scott Walker running for president? I mean, seriously. He's the scariest Republican I know, and obviously has the balls to actually DO what it seems most Republicans secretly wish to do while in...
  5. moon-drummer

    Master thesis done: Standalone Complex (Explaining Furries)

    I'm also a student in social science (In my case, anthropology). You should consider yourself very lucky that you got to do this research for your master's thesis, considering it's about your own subculture. Frankly, I'm a little envious! I'm doing some private research on the fandom from an...
  6. moon-drummer

    Multi-Lingual Furries

    Let's see if we can get a list going of all the other languages that are represented in the fandom. So if you speak another language in addition to English, post it here! Maybe even include a sample with a translation. You don't have to be fluent in it, I'd just like to see the range. Yes, I...
  7. moon-drummer

    When Are You a Grey Muzzle?

    I ask because I'll be turning 30 this summer and one of my fur friends said I'd be becoming a 'grey muzzle.' To me that seems a bit young. I would think you'd be a grey muzzle after 40, but what do you think?
  8. moon-drummer

    What Do YOU Do When FA Goes Down?

    As a part of my social science research into the furry fandom, I'm curious what all you guys and gals do when FA goes offline. Serious answers, please. I know how much you love your jokes. But this is for posterity so be honest.
  9. moon-drummer

    Looking for Info on the History of FA

    Does anyone know where I could find information on things like how/when FA was made, major events that have affected the site, and maybe the history of the con?
  10. moon-drummer

    Is FA welcoming Chinese art students who just started furry art?

    First, not all anthropomorphic artwork is necessarily furry. Look at the legend of the kitsune, or ancient Egyptian gods, or the countless children's books that feature anthropomorphic characters. So if you decide to draw "furry art," you don't need to claim that it is furry if you're worried it...
  11. moon-drummer

    Can anyone explain 'character auctions'?

    Confirmed by a wolf. We would also kill the best and the brightest and most healthy of the prey species if we could catch them.
  12. moon-drummer

    How did you find your fursona?

    Wolves/werewolves have always been my favorite animal. I also blame Disney's Robin Hood because after watching that movie as a kid, I would always add an extra character to Robin's posse who was a wolf. Came into the furry fandom from the werewolf fandom, so given my background it seemed the...
  13. moon-drummer

    your "toon" style

    As realistic as possible. Or whatever the antithesis of anime would be.
  14. moon-drummer

    Your prized possessions

    My engagement ring, the various drafts of my novel, my other writing, my ashiko, my DVD collection, my home and my sleeping eye mask (anyone who works nights will tell you just how priceless a good eye mask can be)
  15. moon-drummer

    Would Jesus win a Republican primary?

    Also I think the language barrier would present a problem for him.
  16. moon-drummer

    Have you ever wondered...

    I sometimes do this when I'm bored at work. Usually based on face shape and mannerisms. I once had a supervisor who absolutely screamed lioness. My current managers would be a sort of sleepy-eyed lion, a golden lab, a Brittney spaniel and that chicken nun from Disney's Robin Hood.
  17. moon-drummer

    If you had to pick a different species...

    Actually already changed mine to stallion. I'm only keeping this one around as a pen name. But if I had to change it AGAIN, probably a bull. They're hot as hell.
  18. moon-drummer

    Sometimes I wish the law could turn a blind eye in some cases.

    Sometimes I wish the law would actually work. Unfortunately, everyone seems more interested in punishing people than in seriously trying to reform them or prevent criminal behavior in the first place. Also, if you have an entire PRISON full of pedophiles, I think it would probably be a little...
  19. moon-drummer

    Poll: Do you play along with your partner's fetish?

    If I'm in the right mood, I will. But it usually doesn't last long because it is HIS fetish and not mine, after all. As long as he isn't asking for it every other time and let's me decide when to indulge him, I'm cool.
  20. moon-drummer

    Silly turnoffs

    Facial hair, indecision, demanding guys who claim to be bottoms/subs but keep subtly trying to force you to do EXACTLY what they want, and Asian facial features. I swear to God I'm not racist, but I don't find anyone who looks physically Asian to me hot.