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  1. flowercrowneevee

    Good Gay Romance Comics/Stories?

    I would like to know too lol. If you haven't read it already and like cute/smut content then Gab Shiba is really really good
  2. flowercrowneevee

    How did you learn to be a artist?

    Im debating whether I should keep trying to teach my self to be a artist or take a art class at college. I'm not a complete beginner but I want to increase my skill level I don't want be the next Picasso I just want to draw fan art of pokemon and im not sure if my university will be able to...
  3. flowercrowneevee

    What kinds of animals do you wanna see more in the fandom?

    I want to see a Sea Monkey! But like a anthromorphic aquatic primate from the comic book ads not like a brine shrimp lol
  4. flowercrowneevee

    Pokemon Let's Goooooooo!

    How do you you shiny hunt? I've been playing for years and only ever encountered one
  5. flowercrowneevee

    Disadvantages of your fursona species

    According to Zootopia, I would be super duper small and probably stepped on lol
  6. flowercrowneevee

    Happy new year! I'm new too :)

    Happy new year! I'm new too :)