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  1. Kura

    Hiring: ($150+) Fullbody throne piece for livestreams/branding (Commerical Rights appreciated)

    I'm looking to commission an artist to illustrate my boi sitting on this throne from a VR world I built awhile ago. I'd like to eventually have it animated by a contact of mine and use it as a stream graphic, and maybe even put it on merchandise. My budget is fairly loose; I'd like this to be a...
  2. Kura

    Hiring: Detailed Ref Sheet + Slight Character Re-design (150$+)

    First and foremost, the 150$ starting price is exactly that; a starting price. I'm willing to pay much more than that for something I fall in love with. Anywho, elloh. I'm looking to hire a communicative artist to create some wonderful art of my character, Kura. He....needs a new reference...
  3. Kura

    [1/3]Headshot/halfbody semi-realistic commissions 25$

    Hello! I'd like to commission your talents.