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  1. Drenniethes


    hey steam summer sale is coming so i need some money to spend i'd like to offer you some of my artwork. highest ab is $50 so i think it doesn't cost very much, especially compared to other artists' ychs www.furaffinity.net: PINK SOFA YCH OPEN by Drenniethes www.furaffinity.net: UNLIMITED YOUR...
  2. Drenniethes

    Hey, let's roleplay! Male seeking. [NSFW only]

    hey! i have a wrestler-stallion to offer. i also have discord
  3. Drenniethes

    cheap but still done with love ychs >$10

    heyy recently i've posted some ychs but for some reason they remain unnoticed on fa. these start from $10, which i find extremely cheap for this site i hope at least here someone would find this type of content interesting. you can see examples of work on my fa gallery - Artwork Gallery for...
  4. Drenniethes

    your character on a red chair SB - $15 MB - $2 AB - $30

    www.furaffinity.net: your character on a red chair by Drenniethes i'd prefer to draw feline, but other species are alright too SB - $15 MB - 2$ AB - $30 ENDS IN 12 HRS AFTER LAST BET female or shemale any species but feline are more preferable cuatom clothes, tail and genitals (if you'd like...
  5. Drenniethes

    Looking For An Artist For Character Design (CLOSED)

    Hey! I'm new to here but still i'd like to offer you my services. I do any art, btw All you need to know is here - Userpage of drenniethes -- Fur Affinity [dot] net - commission prices, artwork examples and other stuff you may be interested in. Please write me if you are interested so we don't...
  6. Drenniethes

    Looking to do an Art Trade

    Hello? Anyone here? Is it still availiable? I'm always open for art trades. Flat colours/clean sketch (bcs mine regular sketches are usually dirty as hell) + simple background. Everything you need to know is here: Userpage of drenniethes -- Fur Affinity [dot] net - artwork, commision prices...
  7. Drenniethes

    Vore teaser (clean)

    I'd like to offer you my help. I'm a newbie here but I still hope that my suggestions will satisfy you Everything you need to know is here: Userpage of drenniethes -- Fur Affinity [dot] net - prices, artwork, profile and stuff. Feel free to ask if anything is not clear!
  8. Drenniethes

    Hello m8s!

    Does any of you likes Equilibrium or Epica?
  9. Drenniethes

    Hello m8s!

    Sup there! My name is Drenniethes but you can call me Schwarz and I joined both FA and the forums recently. I draw as a hobby. I'm not really into furry so I'd rather be a human, but i still can draw them. I decided to join the FA community after realising there's no profit if you don't speak...
  10. Drenniethes


    I do Male Female Any other genders Any species Multiple characters Fursona Ratings (G to NC-21) Chibi Separated body parts (paws, eyes, ect.) Any fetishes IMPORTANT: Just give me money and I'll do any [REDACTED]. I won't blame any of your fetishes. Please don't be shy and tell everything...
  11. Drenniethes

    New to the Forums (sort of?)

    Imaginary super-duper top secret science organisation that keep imaginary monsters in big boxes. You'd better google it. There's also a game about this SCP universe, Markiplier is replaying it for idk which time
  12. Drenniethes

    New to the Forums (sort of?)

    Hi! Have you ever heard about SCP Foundation? Sometimes I do a do there, but i don't think you'll understand anything in russian. I guess we are all artitsts here, so we probably have something in common :)
  13. Drenniethes

    Roast the person above you by their Username and/or Avatar.

    I never expected a can of dog food to post in this thread
  14. Drenniethes

    Dead men don't tell coolstories

    Dead men don't tell coolstories