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  1. EmberMage


    bump! (24 hours)
  2. EmberMage


    Please check out the species here: blueviolinist13.deviantart.com: Custom Lineless BirdThings (Bits)--- OPEN Mythic Bit for sale! I'm going to have this listed as an auction, as to encourage people to spread the word, as well as to hopefully get them a good home sooner! Starting Bid is: 15$...
  3. EmberMage

    Could someone draw Drip?

    Hi! I am looking for someone to help me draw Drip in a more similar style to the Bendy and the ink machine game, or rather, I would love to see how you would depict him as being, well, inky. I can offer a headshot or bust in payment, as long as you do not mind me using my style to draw them :)...
  4. EmberMage

    Selling a Design

    I am looking MAINLY for money, as I kinda need it right now, due to textbooks being painful on my pocketbook. However, I will be listing this as an OTA, so more people are interested! YOU CAN OFFER: Money Points Art Characters (No base adopts please!!! I will check!) Prices for Auto Buy 20$...
  5. EmberMage

    February doodles {OpEn}

    Hi! I would love to get a piece done of my main man Wade! I only got him recently and am needing some art of him :)
  6. EmberMage


    Ah, okay. For some reason the link was not showing up on the mobile site. I will be sure to follow the link.
  7. EmberMage

    Let me draw your character!

    Hey :) I am rather new to the forums, but would love love LOVE to see your take on my character Phantom. Here is his toyhouse link: Phantom Quartz on Toyhouse Or if you would prefer I also have my fursona Wade,
  8. EmberMage


    I would be happy to take the darker toned one if he still needs a home :)
  9. EmberMage

    Open for Drawing/Writing

    Could you do a drawing for me? I am new to the fandom and would love to get some art of Wade here (I plan to re-name him, since that is what his former owner called him. Glad I saved him from being stuck in someone's files forever)
  10. EmberMage

    Request Anything

    How about my sona Wade (Who I only recently got... i am new to the fandom), watching a movie and eating popcorn. I would like to think he was getting way too into it.
  11. EmberMage

    drawing your characters! (closed)

    How about Wade here: Song:
  12. EmberMage

    Art requests for practice!

    Could you draw a picture of my Wade (A character I recently purchased) I am needing some NSFW refs for him, and would love to see what you could come up with! Pose wise, perhaps have him either standing or sitting on a stool?
  13. EmberMage

    Looking to draw your characters! (STILL OPEN!)

    I would love to get a piece done of my Argent! sta.sh: Vksakadsa By Humoroustrixx-dc1ih16 He is a magmutt, a closed species belonging to Marble Arts on DA