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  1. Sforzie

    How long did your style take?

    I would say I reached the.. base stage? of how I draw now about a decade ago, and have been refining since then. Reaching that base stage took about seven years.
  2. Sforzie

    What is your average family income?

    I'm not sure what this poll will show, exactly? In the US the cost of living varies greatly depending on where you live. What might be considered comfortable in one place would barely be getting by in another location. (I'm sure that's the case in other parts of the world, as well.) But, that's...
  3. Sforzie

    Who would be your companion pokemon of choice?

    Probably an Absol. I would follow it around looking for natural disasters. (Because I like natural disasters. Not sure why, it's a thing.) Well, not 'it'. It'd be a he, and he would be called Seymour. (Because my absols are always boys named Seymour.)
  4. Sforzie

    Too poor to buy games. Who's your favorite LPers?

    It's not that I can't afford to play the games I want, it's just that there's so many games out there that I'm only interested enough to watch a lets play of them but not actually buy them and play them myself. <_< Let's see. Game Grumps, Jesse Cox, Cry, Crendor, Slightly Impressive, Best in...
  5. Sforzie

    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age announced (XII HD)

    Eh, FF12 was okay, but I'm not sure I liked it enough to buy it again. (I wasn't a huge fan of the weird muddy graphical style of the original. Or the rather confined setting.) I'm happy for the FF12 fans, though. :) *grumbles about lack of 9 or 6 remakes*
  6. Sforzie

    How do others get there inspiration for writing

    If I want to make something but don't know what, I'll usually just doodle something related to something I've already done work on. I've found that trying to force an idea out doesn't always help. A lot of my ideas will come from music, or just a random silly line that pops into my head. For...
  7. Sforzie

    kids yes or no?

    Oh heck no.
  8. Sforzie

    Im new here from Georgia USA

    Hello from elsewhere in Georgia.
  9. Sforzie

    >post anything you're thinking right now ITT

    How did one of my characters manage to hide a boyfriend in plain sight for the entire time I was writing a novel where they were a main character with a different boyfriend??
  10. Sforzie

    Your Preferred Apparel

    I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, all year long. (With obligatory hoodie/jacket as weather necessitates.) And flip flops, even when it's barely above freezing out. Because... Georgia? I dunno. I wear sneakers if I have to be walking a lot, though. I'm extremely low maintenance (especially...
  11. Sforzie

    searching for italian friends

    I'm not Italian, but I'm slowly teaching myself the language! (Very slowly. Mostly consisting of listening to Il Volo and practicing rolling my 'r's.) Traveling to Italy is on my 'to do someday' list, and I don't want to be THAT tourist. (ciao dall'America!)
  12. Sforzie

    How the hell do anthros wear headphones?

    I would imagine that it would depend on the species, but as has been said either earbuds, or something custom. If the character was in an AU where a lot of their kind existed, then a more customized style of headband/ear insert configuration might be more common for them. Some sort of around the...
  13. Sforzie

    Travel Thread

    I work in a hotel, so if anyone has any hotel related questions, feel free to ask! (Just don't ask about the horror stories. I have so many horror stories that if I wrote them into a book, no one outside the industry would believe that people could be just so.... stupid.) :3
  14. Sforzie

    Commission Issue?

    Weird situation. Sounds like someone has a crazy possessive partner. It's probably in your best interest to take the picture down for now, contact the person who actually paid for it and explain the situation, and offer to put a new character of their choosing into person B's spot so that you...
  15. Sforzie

    Hello, new artist here.

    Ah, well, my soul demands that I fix that line right now or I'm going to look back on it in a decade and hate myself. (To the point where I'm redrawing a 300 page webcomic I drew fifteen years ago just so it doesn't look so bad anymore. >< )
  16. Sforzie


    I'm... well, I'm glad they finally gave the release date so I know how long I have to play it before FFXV comes out (a month later). I'm not crazy hyped about it, but I'm still generally looking forward to running around in the pretty zones.
  17. Sforzie

    Hello, new artist here.

    Haha, well it's certainly anything better than I could do at 18.... ...or now.... In seriousness, though, you have a lovely energetic style and coloring. (I'm too much a perfectionist to just let it flow.) I guess my only critique would be 'why are the cat's ears coming out of his forehead' in...
  18. Sforzie

    Any girls who like girls in the fandom?

    I do wonder how many lady types are hiding under fursuits, though. Probably safer that way, what with all the roaming hands. If I ever go to a con I'll probably have to bring a stick. X_x
  19. Sforzie

    things you just dont understand

    Uh, asexual people still date and get married? Hell, some still have sex just to keep a partner happy. Asexual just means you have no desire to mash your genitals together with someone else. Maybe you mean aromantic?
  20. Sforzie

    What Are The Best Ways You Deal And Get Rid Of Gaming Rage?

    I find mining on peaceful in Minecraft to be very relaxing. I don't usually play things that cause me to rage, but things happen. Just mindlessly digging my way into oblivion helps me calm down.