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  1. Raphael

    What the hell, I don't have a username on GameFAQs. Who are you?

    What the hell, I don't have a username on GameFAQs. Who are you?
  2. Raphael

    Sergeant Gander

    I admire the dog more than most soldiers, for Christ sakes. (I don't mean WW1 / WW2 soldiers, THAT was a fight for freedom, but I mean like... the wars and soldiers now). Gander, you are my hero. :)
  3. Raphael

    Sergeant Gander

    That's so cool! (: Gander, and Voytek, R.I.P. <3
  4. Raphael

    Sergeant Gander

    During the Battle of Hong Kong, Canadian forces stationed in the trenches against the Japanese had a dog. The dog scratched a woman's child's face with his paw and was going to be put down. In an effort to save the poor little guy, a Canadian military group adopted him and took him overseas. The...
  5. Raphael

    Your dream job

    Vocalist in a band. Wait, I already do that. Um. I wouldn't mind owning a venue for deathcore bands, with a big moshpit, "licensed". That'd be cool.
  6. Raphael

    can i have free stuff on runescape?

    Reminds me of TF2 players who hold onto their hats like they're all going to matter in 30 years when they've stopped playing.
  7. Raphael

    Dude shoots nails in dog's heads to get rid of them

    I agree, this is all messed up and disgusting and the guy is a bad person and whatnot... but, I mean, how old are you? And how many articles like this have you read about animal abuse or some fucked up thing somebody has done in your life? Are you really that surprised? This type of shit is...
  8. Raphael

    Favorite Furry or Anthro Artist?

  9. Raphael

    My Band's New Album Covers

    Why would I get mad? Thanks for the thoughts. There's a couple of things I should have mentioned. The music genre of the band is deathcore (experimental), you can listen to some of the demo tracks on the Myspace (www.myspace.com/outwindows). It's also something called a "trollband", which is a...
  10. Raphael

    My Band's New Album Covers

    Demo 2011: http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/5417/demoinstrucdcover.jpg Sentenced EP: http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/1674/sentencedtothegaschambe.jpg We also have an alternate logo: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/5003/logonewu.jpg What do you guys think?
  11. Raphael

    free commissions!

    Of course, sent. :)
  12. Raphael

    free commissions!

    You could do Raphael if you want. <3 Nice work! Reference: http://heymynameisjohnny.wordpress.com/2011/06/09/my-fursona/
  13. Raphael

    Heavy metal (or no metal at all) The Brutal thread

    Correction: Deathcore kid.
  14. Raphael

    Steam Username List

    Raphael = Rocketeer (on Steam) Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/FromRussiaWithStyle I like TF2 lots n' lots! :D
  15. Raphael

    American Debt

    Doesn't that happen anyways? Lol.
  16. Raphael

    Heavy metal (or no metal at all) The Brutal thread

    :) Hardstyle metal starts at 1:40. <3
  17. Raphael

    Can happiness be bought?

    If you draw happiness from material object then yes, if you draw happiness from moral incentive, then no.
  18. Raphael

    Chills when listening to music

    Almost every song by Kelly Bailey in Half LIfe 2. I got chills when listening to Eminem say "How the fuck could you do this to me? How the FUCK could you do this to me?" in the song Kim, and chills when listening to Hands Held High by Linkin Park when he says "... in the back he handwrote a...
  19. Raphael

    American Debt

    Agreed. I know the solution to the problem. Tax the greedy, not the needy. *rants about Left-wing political systems being better*
  20. Raphael

    Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudel?

    Toaster Strudel. Especially when you take more icing than required.