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  1. MoonBabChris

    Worst Rp Experience you had?

    Okay, warning of ABDL stuff, but long story short, someone wanted to do an ERP, and I was fine with that, I'm just not the best at writing them. A few messages in, it's implied that my character was cute aged. I voice my concern, and they were like "Well, yeah, what's wrong with that?" I have a...
  2. MoonBabChris

    Looking for RP Partner (Longterm/ABDL/Babyfur)

    A pretty standard "looking for" post. I'm looking for someone to RP with, obviously. Specifically someone who's literate in their writing and willing to take on the caretaker role, though I'm willing to switch it up from time to time. Of course I'm not closed off to other kinds of RP, I'm...