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  1. Jambalaya

    1K Posts and Still No Fursona

    Rhodesian Ridgeback. Noble, stylish, a working dog (meaning it is useful as opposed to a purse dog), a sporty dog (often used for hunting), and from all the ones I have met, a calm intelligent demeanor.
  2. Jambalaya


    Its not even a good bake though, this is like some ditch weed. The opening statement should have been, Time is a non linear entity, not like a wave or a field like the common metaphor of an ocean, but a volume in which we are surrounded and submersed within its effect. Time happens all at...
  3. Jambalaya


    Are we baking? Because time and again time has been proven to exist. I think you may be mistaking our loose definition and immature understanding of time as the incorrect philosophical "time does not exist". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time As for a hypothosis, All souls are a single soul...
  4. Jambalaya

    Who is procrastinating right now?

    The internet is a damnable thing. It is a manifestation of the love hate relationship. I love it because it has unlimited potential, but I hate it because it has unlimted distractions. Pop on for a reference and end up 30 tabs deep four hours later. I have been actively trying to cut my...
  5. Jambalaya

    Who is procrastinating right now?

    That's me right there... The worst kind of procrastinating is when you know exactly how long it takes to do something and then spend as much time as you possibly can not doing it because you know you can do it in x amount of time.
  6. Jambalaya

    Who is procrastinating right now?

    My day off and I am 100% unmotivated to anything that looks even relatively productive. Just got up from a two hour nap on the couch. I should take the dogs out and I should probably eat lunch sometime today, I should also do my laundry since I have no panties left and my bras are beginning to...
  7. Jambalaya

    If you died right now, what will they find on your computer?

    The real question is not what they would find on your computer, but what would they find if they pulled the ISP records for all your internet browsing? Sure you can mask it with TOR but how long have you gone just deleting the history/cookies from your computer not realizing your ISP has full...
  8. Jambalaya

    If you died right now, what will they find on your computer?

    Lots of half ideas, weepy/angry/humorous personal journal entries, thousands of pictures of my dogs (I'm not even joking, I think I had about 5300 last count... ><; ), a lot of porn of all types (I like to collect it and sort it and organize it into appropriate folders), lots of half drawn furry...
  9. Jambalaya

    Manny"pacman"Pacquiao vs Floyd "money"Mayweather, Jr.

    Someone that watched the fight fill me in on the details. From the meme's going around, my previous ballet comment seems about right. These guys were not up for a fight, there was nothing in it for them. No blood, no fire, just hype. I keep saying it, and everyone says I am a disgusting...
  10. Jambalaya

    What did you get up to last weekend?

    Worked two 10 hour shifts... yay... Got the day off today though,I have to run errands and then spend some much needed time with my dogs.
  11. Jambalaya

    Muscular Girl, what do you think?

    Who said anything about shaming them? We can't know anything about anyone but that doesn't forgive the fact they look like they were hastily assembled during a late night drunken creation session with God. Reality check, "Everyone is beautiful" is utter hog wash. I am not a "good looking" gal...
  12. Jambalaya

    Muscular Girl, what do you think?

    Girl checking in. First off let me say "All body types are beautiful" is a thing the bleeding hearts like to wave around and they are full of poopoo. 600lbs of obesity is not beautiful, 80lbs of bones is not beautiful. Can the personality inside still be beautiful, sure, but that train wreck of...
  13. Jambalaya

    The Best Ways to Pleasure Yourself

    Reading while surrounded by snoring pitbulls.
  14. Jambalaya

    Thought crimes

    If thoughts were crimes, all writers would be in prison for life. Their whole purpose is to think like their characters and go so far as to put those acts to paper, perhaps even live vicariously through the fiction.
  15. Jambalaya

    What is your height?

    5' 10" bean pole. I could pass as a man some days if it weren't for my hips. As my creeper uncle would say "Some good birthin' hips." and then laugh without blinking.
  16. Jambalaya

    Anthros you find attractive

    John Blacksad from Blacksad. OMG I would let him just ruin me and I'm not even a cat person.
  17. Jambalaya

    i don't appreciate the cold.

    It has been 80 and humid here all week, though I would not trade it for snow. Hell is cold, snow is the Devil's ejaculate.
  18. Jambalaya

    Secondhand shame

    Embarrassed on their behalf: Jehovah's witnesses and Mormons going door to door. Look I get it and respect your right to believe whatever you want, but I will always feel embarrassed for you as you go door to door only to be chased off the porch by the less tolerant. If you go knocking on the...
  19. Jambalaya

    Secondhand shame

    Eye patch lol, no thank you. Besides I would need a Phantom of the Opera style mask to actually cover the damage. It took a long time to get used to but I own it now. I'm not in high school or college so I don't have to deal with people being hurtful for the sake of being popular. Now people...
  20. Jambalaya

    Low Profile Khajiit-ish Mask WIP *Image Heavy*

    I like the subtle scowl of the brows. It give it definition and personality. This however will be just an accent when your mouth is involved below it. Just imagine that browline with a wicked grin below. I forgot to ask originally, is that a life cast of your face that you are modeling on...