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  1. Eezo the Dragon

    Now you have a friend :)

    Now you have a friend :)
  2. Eezo the Dragon

    All time favorite games??

    The Mass Effect Series
  3. Eezo the Dragon

    Places with dirty names near you

    There's a bar in my town called Nutz Deep II
  4. Eezo the Dragon

    Blu-Ray Programs

    Right now I use the free version of Cyberlink PowerDVD9 to play blu-rays on my pc, but I was wondering if there are any better players out there that aren't super expensive.
  5. Eezo the Dragon

    Stuff you have learned from video games.

    I learned how to overthrow the corrupt government of an island nation using a grapple hook and infinitely re-spawning parachutes, How to deal with reporters who question my decision that led to the death of the galactic council, And that if you have just murdered someone, simply sit on an...
  6. Eezo the Dragon

    Steam Username List

    Eezo the Dragon = Eezo I play HL2 Deathmatch, L4D2, and TF2
  7. Eezo the Dragon

    Canines or felines?

    For anthros I usually find canines to be more attractive, but it really depends more on how the artist draws them than the species. I also like real dogs better than cats, because they seem to be easier to train and teach tricks.
  8. Eezo the Dragon

    Thanksgiving sale on Steam.

    I just bought L4D2 for only $5 and The Orange Box for $7.50. They have some pretty amazing deals right now.
  9. Eezo the Dragon

    Valve games on Steam

    Well, I ended up buying L4D2 and The Orange Box during Valve's Thanksgiving weekend sale. If you play either of those games, or HL2 Deathmatch, please send me a friend request. My profile name is Eezo and I'm a member of the FurAffinity Gamers group on Steam.
  10. Eezo the Dragon

    Valve games on Steam

    My old computer wasn't good for gaming. That's why I bought The Orange Box for Xbox in the first place.
  11. Eezo the Dragon

    Valve games on Steam

    Btw, I got HL2 Deathmatch free with my purchase of an Nvidia graphics card. Does anybody play that?
  12. Eezo the Dragon

    Valve games on Steam

    My friends' main argument for why I should repurchase all my valve games on steam is that they never get boring because of all the free dlc. I loved the Xbox version of L4D 2, so I will probably buy the Steam version too. I have heard of Gmod, but I have no idea how it works.
  13. Eezo the Dragon

    Valve games on Steam

    As awesome as that sounds, I was really looking for a game I could play with my friends on Steam and I don't know anyone who's played Killing Floor. Since TF2 is winning in the poll, I'll probably start with that and then get more games later on. And I'm kind of a Valve fanboy
  14. Eezo the Dragon


    I'm still pretty new here and new friends are always nice. I'm not much of an artist myself, but I enjoy looking at what other people draw.
  15. Eezo the Dragon

    Valve games on Steam

    Does anybody still play counterstrike?, because that's the only game I don't already have for Xbox. I'll probably just end up buying The Orange Box again for PC if it goes on sail for less than $10.
  16. Eezo the Dragon

    Valve games on Steam

    Ok, I'll probably buy a few games then. Do they have more sales after Christmas?
  17. Eezo the Dragon

    Fakefurs -.-;

    I try to pretend that this is a hobby for me, but I can't draw, make music, or write witty and amusing forum posts, so I feel pretty left out.
  18. Eezo the Dragon

    Cowboy Furs?

    I'm a space cowboy.