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  1. Beastcub

    The CSI episode

    it honestly did not shock me, i had only JUST heard of furries and all i took away from it was to stay away from anyone who mentions yiffing or furpiles. then again i had been into anime for a long time before that and anime is JUST as bad as furry fandom (if not worse since hentai is mass...
  2. Beastcub

    What was your favourite childhood toy?

    i had a ton of littlest pet shop as a kid...and i HATE the new ones and omfg i had quints too! and the triplet babysitters that go with them. also my little ponies, i had a shit ton of them and many had hair cuts -__-; i had some of the seapony ones too and one got a hole in it so it...
  3. Beastcub

    What was your favourite childhood toy?

    plastic toy animals, used to do all kinds of imaginary adventures. when we got an above ground pool they had to level the ground and made a pile of dirt, i turned said pile into a mountain, planted little things on it, carved out a waterfall and pond with a river after that, ran the hose in...
  4. Beastcub

    Innocent Poll

    my little cousin said the cutest and strangest thing in relation to this topic "i wanna be an eyebrow when i grow up because they don't do anything" ...the brains of small childeren sure are ...um...interesting things XD
  5. Beastcub

    Why all the Na'vi hate?

    as some one who loves looking at fantasy art avatar was a visual treat. plot was meh but damn was it fun to look at, and while the plot did not grab me the visuals did, namely the environments, and i loved the music. if you want an original plot, track down ponyo, its a kids movie but the...
  6. Beastcub

    Not-100%-Furry Fursuits

    i see CATS style costumes in fursuit parades, and its spandex and face paint
  7. Beastcub

    How would you feel if this happened to you?

    i agree on the "ignorance is bliss" aspect of this conversation with my work i DO NOT CARE what happens beyond a PG-13 rating as long I DO NOT SEE IT keep it private and i do not care, if i hear about it, then it was not kept private, and then i care.
  8. Beastcub

    What are your thoughts on needles.

    knowing it hurts and you can avoid it. i stick my fingers by accident all the time sewing, but knowing i have to deal with a needle gets my undies in a bunch. that and my last tetanis shot (shit i know that is not spelled right, too sleepy to care) it left me feeing bruised as if some one...
  9. Beastcub

    The way fursuits represent the fandom

    isn't it amazing how some slutty clothes can make a fursuit look worse than it being "naked" (as in no clothes but with no "parts" being there) aka i agree with the OP
  10. Beastcub

    Another furry commercial

    i saw it as more aimed at LARP more than furry
  11. Beastcub

    Local tv station does special on furries

    i saw the camera guys at FC, i had JUST gotten out of costume and thought about it for s minute. decided it was not worth running back to my room to get back in costume since the news piece may not be in the best light and if i said anything i may fumble my words or otherwise sound like an...
  12. Beastcub

    Religion should be a mandatory high school course.

    i yes, big time yes. i was not brought up with any religion, my immediate family is basically agnostic. and my knowledge of, well, ANY religion is pretty sparse, and when religious matters are brought up i don't like feeling like i have my head up my ass. the only religious teaching i had was...
  13. Beastcub

    Senior Pranks

    these are all ones i heard second hand so i dunno if they are true but anyway: put goldfish in the school pool...sad thing is the chlorine killed them drilled a hole in the crotch of the statue of some dude (school founder, i dunt remember) and then made a hole in the head to fill it with...
  14. Beastcub

    Senior Pranks

    F***ing assholes is more like it. some one did something similar to a school in my town, it got on the news, they hacked down all 12 of the mature trees in the main courtyard of the school....which is REALLY awfull
  15. Beastcub

    beastcub suit aquired <3

    yes the poor thing was built for some one march 2009 and i have been sending several emails since my last contact last May and never got a reply back despite the fact i said i please just let me know if they don't want it so i can resell it so after waiting a FULL YEAR of the last contact i...
  16. Beastcub

    What should I name my fish? :D

    i heard naming a fish is bad luck
  17. Beastcub

    news coverage that doesn't make us look weird

    i think you mean the tyra banks show please....NEVER....get those 2 mixed up again. ever.
  18. Beastcub

    news coverage that doesn't make us look weird

    yes at least 3 good convention related news reports and there was a good one on (what was it) G4 (i think was the channels/show name) that actually flat out said "not all furries are into the sexual stuff" which was a THANK YOU, yeah it made us look strange but it was "damn they are geeky"...
  19. Beastcub

    So tell me about furry cons.

    for me just 3 days for fursuiting with a bunch of other fursuiters is entertaining enough in of itself. i browsed the dealers room and artists booths a few times, poked my head in at the dance, had dinner with friends, but for the most part i go to furcons for the fursuiting and spend most of my...
  20. Beastcub

    So, stumblingupon, I happened across a site...

    actually this reminds me of searching for a news report about the worlds new smallest horse (it was like fricken 6 pounds when born) on youtube and HOW MANY F***ING HORSE MATING VIDEOS came up in the search >_< ugh. every other video thumbnail was something humping