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  1. ♡Gingy♡

    Free Art: Practice art!

    She's very pretty
  2. ♡Gingy♡

    Free Art: looking to practice drawing more anthros

    Here's my sona if you're interested in drawing a cute cat
  3. ♡Gingy♡

    Request: Just for fun, anyone wanna redesign this Spyro NPC I made?

    This seems like a fun little thing to work on, I may give this a go
  4. ♡Gingy♡

    Free Art: Practice art!

    A SFW piece for my kitty is fine! ♡
  5. ♡Gingy♡

    Request: Draw my festive snow rabbit please?

    I do have another bunny character that she's friends with
  6. ♡Gingy♡

    Request: Draw my festive snow rabbit please?

    This is adorable thanks! ❤
  7. ♡Gingy♡

    Free Art: Warm up sketches :)

    Maybe a lil' something of my snow rabbit? I'd love to see how she'd turn out ^^
  8. ♡Gingy♡

    Free Art: Need to practice, let me draw your characters pls!

    Perhaps you can draw my snow rabbit? She has two different outfits though- A cat onesie and her usual sweater lol
  9. ♡Gingy♡

    Request: Draw my festive snow rabbit please?

    I figured since December would be coming up soon that this request would be nice and suitable for the season <3 If you need info about her here you go; She's a bunny that is winter themed Her personality; Very cheerful and pure, pretty much an outgoing bun-bun Fashion sense; warm/cozy sweaters...
  10. ♡Gingy♡

    Art Trade: Help me practice! Art trade // 2 slots open (2/4)

    How about my kitty? If interested of course, I'd love to see her in your style
  11. ♡Gingy♡

    Art Trade: Willing to trade these characters for art!

    I like that alien lookin one that's for $5, wouldn't mind making art for 'em <3
  12. ♡Gingy♡

    Request: Can somebody draw this pony I made? She's new and I'd love art of her.

    I named her Gingersnaps, she loves to bake so her cutie mark is a cookie! She is often silly and energetic and loves making new friends! Keep it SFW please and thank you!
  13. ♡Gingy♡

    What does the person above you smell like?

    Dang bro, smellin' like strawberries up in here