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  1. WifiFurry

    I'm alive! O-o

    I'm alive! O-o
  2. WifiFurry

    What would you change about your state?

    I'd change the people, the weather, and the music. Allow me to explain why: I live in the mid-lower part of Missouri, and I can't stand it. There's NO creativity here whatsoever. Everyone looks like a fucking redneck whitetrash (for both guys and girls) clone of each other or the...
  3. WifiFurry

    What's the story behind your fursona's name?

    Originally my fursona's name was gonna be 'Frosting' due to this fur I found that was oranged with frosted white tips. Sadly none of the colors were working and I had a last moment "Skrew it!!" thought and slapped my favorite pattern (black and white stripes) onto her. How the stripes bent...
  4. WifiFurry


    Thanks ^_^ This is some foam I plan on getting- http://www.diyupholsterysupply.com/SF19.html It looks like it should work nicely, plus it has a reasonable price compared to what I've found. I spent quite a while searching multiple sites for materials for best quality at a cheap/affordable...
  5. WifiFurry

    Monochrome Greetings!!

    Yeah they turned out pretty wicked! Thanks ^_^
  6. WifiFurry

    Monochrome Greetings!!

    Greetings to all, my name is WIFI, and I am a Angel Dragon Bat-Subspecies. If you're wondering what that is, its a distant cousin to the Angel Dragon species, kinda like how Huskies are a distant cousin of Wolves, except the species drifts a slight bit more closely to being related to Bats. Now...
  7. WifiFurry


    Your Fursona is adorable!!When I first saw Telephone I immediately loved her too xD She's one of the cutest fursuiters I've ever seen. Telephone and Tayerr are the fursuiters that inspired me to make my fursona WIFI. I thought I'd never make a tooney/cute fursuit in my life, but I'm actually...
  8. WifiFurry

    Anyone going to Gateway Furmeet 2015???

    So, yeah, is anyone here going to Gateway Furmeet up in St. Louis this May??? I might be going with a small handful of friends this year. Its going to be my first furry con I've been to. I've been to Comic Con before so I have at least SOME experience with this, kinda, sorta. My three friends Im...