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  1. Featherclaw

    You’re in Heaven!…Or are you?

    None of your electronics or appliances are functioning. Inflation goes back down.
  2. Featherclaw

    Users VS Staff Members (Ver. 2)

  3. Featherclaw

    Hi! Thank you :)

    Hi! Thank you :)
  4. Featherclaw

    Post something odd about you!

    Huh. Were you hungry or just curious as to what it tasted like?
  5. Featherclaw

    (Be honest) Do you hate my fursonas?

    Like what other people have already said, I seriously doubt there's anyone that hates your fursonas. The style is kind of simplistic, but that's not necessarily bad (unless that's not what you're going for). It doesn't look bad. I'd say that if you think anyone doesn't think they're interesting...
  6. Featherclaw

    Open Chat

    It sure works in their favor. No one's messin' with that.
  7. Featherclaw

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    I don't know where to find the original post, but here's the funny.
  8. Featherclaw

    Post something odd about you!

    I find that I talk to myself sometimes. Not really in a conversational way, I use it to sort through my thoughts, since I usually have a lot going on. I've heard this is decently common in gifted people, so I guess it's not unsurprising that I do it. I try not to do it in front of anybody else...
  9. Featherclaw


    Hi, nice to meet you! I love the Where U Are Throttle album cover spinoff.
  10. Featherclaw


    Hello! I'm Featherclaw, but you can call me Feather. I'm a very new fur, I only started really getting into the actual fandom about one or two months ago. I grew up with Disney and a love for The Lion King and Warriors, though, so I'd argue that I've kind of been on the fringe of it since I was...