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  1. Neon Rain

    Lack of Satisfaction and the Risk of Complacence

    Really you wont get over it until you improve or "just learn to like your art". Perhaps try changing style or the way you do things
  2. Neon Rain

    What is the general stance on "eyedropping" real photos for colours?

    imo its fine for learning, but you should soon learn to pick your own colours c:
  3. Neon Rain

    Delphox, the Pokémon specifically made for furries [discussion]

    Kind of dumb imo seeing as there's been plenty of similar pokemon in the past based on animals or that look like animals That and Pokemon is for kids/why the hell would they cater it to furries
  4. Neon Rain

    Why do I see many artists do this?

    In a lot of cases, really its because they're inexperienced/don't understand everything isn't a bloody wolf or fox. Ie if theyre drawing a hyena or something thats supposed to have ears that are a bit more rounded, they'll give it a generic wolf face regardless
  5. Neon Rain

    Would you mind porn of your fursona?

    Not really as long as it's not super weird shit/things I'm not into But I'd prefer it didnt happen lol
  6. Neon Rain

    [Commission Question] Paying Upfront or Paying After Service?

    I prefer payment upfront while showing progress as you work on the commission ie a sketch
  7. Neon Rain

    Draw the poster above you thread

    Ill take this spot and do Sniperfreak c:< Edit: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12974785/
  8. Neon Rain

    Cintiq Alternative - Monoprice Monitor Tablet, under $400 US!!

    Ive heard lots of good things about Monoprice
  9. Neon Rain

    Hello everybody

    Hi! ^__^
  10. Neon Rain

    I finally joined!

    I'm from WA but I welcome more Australian friends from any state c: Kind of over having so many foreign pals on places like Steam where timezones can become a genuine hassle
  11. Neon Rain

    Age Thread 2013

    Kind of cool to see some older folk around