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  1. Calibrius133701


    ...Am I the only one who thinks this really isn't a big deal? People are gonna think what they're gonna think, despite the media's opinion. Unless they're completely arrogant and ignorant. Hey guys. -Get over it-.
  2. Calibrius133701

    Good Webcomics

    And somehow, only two people have mentioned Concession. >.> *epic facepaw*
  3. Calibrius133701

    rockers/ metal heads

    While I used to be obsessed, in a way, with Megadeth, I realize now how the vocals sounded, and, well..... >.> It makes me lol. But yah, I like anywhere from Dream Theater/Symphony X/Opeth to stuff like Bloodbath/Kataklysm and Soilwork/Disarmonia Mundi. ...I guess that's why I think what I...
  4. Calibrius133701


    I hope you know, I could be wrong, and it could be put mildly, but no one's going to go after something that has "fag" in it. And I'm quite sure this has been done before. Rather, attempted* before.
  5. Calibrius133701

    Furry plots to kill parents and have his penis bitten off

    My thoughts exactly. That, and... Well...I kinda laughed.. ..Am I an asshole?
  6. Calibrius133701

    What if you opened a door and saw your fursona right there in front of you?

    Oh, you can't be serious. You can't honestly say that, at one point, you haven't been like "Damn....yahh, I'd tap that.."
  7. Calibrius133701

    What if you opened a door and saw your fursona right there in front of you?

    Must be a lot of people love their hands, amirite?
  8. Calibrius133701

    What if you opened a door and saw your fursona right there in front of you?

    Nooo, it'd be a lot better! And as previously mentioned, if not better, it'd only be masturbation, technically. >.> <.< Edit: And yeah, thinking on it, albeit typical, more than likely have sex with it.
  9. Calibrius133701

    If you woke up...

    Calmly take the gun, say "Asshole, real men use knives" and go back to bed. Edit: That, and probably drag him back into bed with me. >.> <.<
  10. Calibrius133701

    RL Repercussions?

    If we're thinking the same thing, I'd definitely hire the former. ...What?
  11. Calibrius133701

    Just Abit Confused :[

    Not to sound like a jerk (which I'm honestly not trying to), but Wikifur works well for these kinds of questions.
  12. Calibrius133701

    A Challenge to all Artists

    Definitely, except, ya know, the people who blow HARD ass at it. Like myself.
  13. Calibrius133701

    Fursuits - your opinioin

    You just made my day, yet again.
  14. Calibrius133701

    Spread the Love! Welcome Pride 09!

    Thanks a lot. ^^
  15. Calibrius133701

    Spread the Love! Welcome Pride 09!

    There isn't just a Bi one? Or do the same rules apply?
  16. Calibrius133701

    Fursuits - your opinioin

    I personally find them "Kinda weird, but okay". I also laughed awesomely hard when I misread the text in "They're right up there with clowns for creepy" as "downs for creepy".
  17. Calibrius133701

    What's your age (again)

    Like omg, I was quoted! =3 Edit: But that besides the point. You're 17 as well, how do you not know what's wrong here?