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  1. Grimm Hund

    (Commission) Selling: D&D Map Design ($5-$20)

    For all of those role-players that need a need a top-down grid map for their games. What I offer is taking various tiles and using a program like Photoshop, I can layer all the individual parts of the map. Credit will always be given to the original designers of the pieces. The maps I make...
  2. Grimm Hund

    (Commission) Selling: Bored Author Needs Work ($5-$100)

    Hello! I'm selling written works. Furry, Fantasy, Fiction, Canon Characters, etc I have a standard rate of $0.01 per word with a 500-word minimum. Come see my journal on FA! There are examples there of my work there. www.furaffinity.net: Creative Wolf Needs Work -- GrimmHund's Journal
  3. Grimm Hund

    Free Art: [OPEN] Doing requests for Ko-Fi samples! [SFW only]

    I have a reptile! www.furaffinity.net: Marina: Female Dragonborn Transmutation Wizard by GrimmHund How about her? That's all she normally wears. As for scene/pose, anything with water! She studies water in a fantasy D&D setting to see if it's magically or non-magically polluted. She's a wizard...
  4. Grimm Hund

    Free Art: Accepting gore/dark requests

    [[NSFW]] I think just being headless is too tame. Get some broken bones that pierce the skin to a point. www.furaffinity.net: Zeke and Zero by GrimmHund Consider a bloody mess similar to Venom and have fun.
  5. Grimm Hund

    Hey guys, free drawings! I need the practice

    Userpage of GrimmHund -- Fur Affinity [dot] net How about just pick something? I'm not picky.
  6. Grimm Hund

    Free Art: Free Requests Open EVERYTHING ALLOWED (Respecting the forum rules).

    Hello! Are there any species you'd like to practice with? Otherwise, feel free to browse! Userpage of GrimmHund -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  7. Grimm Hund

    Free Art: Gimmie them tasty characters~! (closed)

    I have an idea. www.furaffinity.net: Grimm Hund: DJ and Tactical Agent by GrimmHund & www.furaffinity.net: Stand-Off by GrimmHund Some action-y gun-fight pose.
  8. Grimm Hund

    Free Art: Gimmie them tasty characters~! (closed)

    I have characters. if you can find a male or female pose that you want to practice, I can provide a character to fit.
  9. Grimm Hund

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency Commissions and Character Sales! $10-$100

    I need to reach a goal of $500 ASAP for a security deposit to move out, but I can split that up into separate payments. I sell writing commissions with a usual rate of $0.01 per word. I’m also selling off characters for best offer. www.furaffinity.net: Character Purge ~ Moving Soon --...
  10. Grimm Hund

    Writing Fundraiser

    I've seen artists create little events where they make quick drawings or sell off characters for some emergency money. I find myself in need of doing something similar, but I'm a writer... Could I do something similar?
  11. Grimm Hund

    Lady Lookin' For RP Partners!

  12. Grimm Hund

    Free Art: Animated gifs

    How do you feel about a couple's set of icons? It would be from the shoulders up and the animation could be one of them nibbling the other's ear. Perhaps something as simple as a lick to the nose and the other blushes or a sweet kiss. As for characters of mine to use in this? Not sure yet. You...
  13. Grimm Hund


    How about my mousey? www.furaffinity.net: Serious Injury May Occur by GrimmHund She's clumsy as hell, so have fun with that.
  14. Grimm Hund

    Free Art: ABSTRACTBunny is giving out free art of your fursona or oc!

    Would you mind me offering my entire gallery and you select one character of your choosing? If none interest you, then none interest you.
  15. Grimm Hund

    Lady Lookin' For RP Partners!

    Hello! Interested in RP? I have Discord
  16. Grimm Hund

    Femail cat looking for dom/master to NSFW

    Discord works perfect for me!
  17. Grimm Hund

    Femail cat looking for dom/master to NSFW

    How about we start with preferred contact?
  18. Grimm Hund

    Femail cat looking for dom/master to NSFW

    Indeed I am. You're the sub looking for a dom, I assume?
  19. Grimm Hund

    Femail cat looking for dom/master to NSFW

    Doing good. How are you tonight?