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  1. Kendrubbin

    My home is SPUF. My language is rage. I am the keeper of the balance, destroyer of the...

    My home is SPUF. My language is rage. I am the keeper of the balance, destroyer of the nay-sayers and those than don the Enforcer. I am the Fortress. (Translation: I don't regulate FAF 'cause I don't fag up the furriness enough to be on here, it's easier to argue with people and read Slacks'...
  2. Kendrubbin

    What Are You Listening To?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr_s6-Q7f00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt5EHAqhR1c Anything by this fella.
  3. Kendrubbin

    The dumbest thing you've ever done

    Joined a 2Fort server during the first Pyro update. Weee backburner. Aside from that, I'm too damn smart to do dumb stuff, aside from that time... when... yeah.
  4. Kendrubbin

    Why is this Fetish not Real?

    Need a portal gun and two close walls. Then they would be forever happy, and locked away in their own rooms.
  5. Kendrubbin

    Steam Username List

    Just drop a note before adding if you actually want to add me, Tea For Two and... That's about it. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Kendrubbin/ ~Cap'n Ken
  6. Kendrubbin

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    Only if everyone else was, and if we had instant fur dye. Otherwise no.
  7. Kendrubbin

    What is your sexual orientation

    Impaled on the fence for a good few years.
  8. Kendrubbin

    You'd think it was The Onion, But it's Not...

    Hehe, made me chuckle. Never seen this before.
  9. Kendrubbin

    Wouldn't you want to have fur in this weather?

    England's weather is too irrational to argue with, so I'll stick with wearing a snorkel, top hat, sky jacket and shorts all at once. Be prepared!
  10. Kendrubbin

    What was your first shot?

    Weapon-wise: a .22 Semi Rifle when I was 11. Drink-wise: Only some cider we had spare in the garage when I was around 10, nothing special :( On a lighter note, we got my mate to try alcohol a month back, turns out he's allergic to something in it and had to go to hospital.
  11. Kendrubbin

    Being Called by Your Species Name

    I've had some close friends call me Cheetah jokingly at times, never forced but just if they feel like it. Aside from that, it's Tom.
  12. Kendrubbin

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    BOOM! Everyone is now a magical-sparkling-funshine-fucking-lizardgryphonunicorn! >:[
  13. Kendrubbin

    Religion megathread-

    You're basically killing each other to see who's got the better imaginary friend ~Richard Jeni That's all I can come up with at this time in the morning... afternoon. Ugh.
  14. Kendrubbin

    whats your ethnic background?

    Whiter than a white man's cape. So you're dark blue? :D
  15. Kendrubbin

    Just something I've been curious about...

    I looked into it before joining (If that'd be the correct term), but I don't think there was any research involved. More of a "Oh, I like this, seems okay".
  16. Kendrubbin

    Furfags by age

    God. Damn. 16 :|
  17. Kendrubbin

    Weird. Are the images loading slowly for you?

    Eh, I sometimes get a massive spike and everything just doesn't want to load, so blame it on that or stop downloading porn.
  18. Kendrubbin

    What shall we do with the pedophiles?

    I'm just going with what everyone else says, stick them on their own secluded island / planet then nuke it from orbit, as it's the only way to be sure. *Shot*
  19. Kendrubbin

    On the Origin of Species

    Eh, Cheetah simply because I'm a fast mofo when I sprint, and because I just like them as a species. Doesn't sound like a very solid reason but hey, that's that.