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  1. Librho

    [open] canine auctions SB:$20 AB:$70

    Bump - new canine up on my page!
  2. Librho

    [open] canine auctions SB:$20 AB:$70

    Updated with #28
  3. Librho

    [open] canine auctions SB:$20 AB:$70

    Updated with new canines !
  4. Librho

    Art interest check

    Bump ^^
  5. Librho

    Art interest check

    Thanks! There’s gonna be people who don’t fancy my work and that’s okay ^^ thanks the design is the main focus of these so I’m happy you like that aspect, which is why I haven’t rendered them as much as you may prefer, I used to, but I actually lost out on buyers and it added an hour to drawing...
  6. Librho

    Art interest check

    I’ve been making adopts for a while now and wondered if my art was finally good enough from a clients pov for Commission work? is there enough interest in my style? is there aspects of my style/skill level I should work on first? how much would you pay for art like this? (I know my charging...
  7. Librho

    How often can you bump a thread?

    It’s probably written somewhere but I struggle processing large amounts of text and I’ve tried looking the places I imagine it’d be. I just don’t want to get banned ^^’
  8. Librho

    Vent Thread

    Thank you so much, I'll keep trying to talk to him, looking through everyone else's vents I think I got a bit too heavy ^^' I hope you're staying safe, thank you, your response has actually made me feel a lot better, take care of yourself too :)
  9. Librho

    Vent Thread

    I cant stop masking, I hate it, I’ve even started masking around my best friend and I feel like the masking is having me make promises I can’t keep, only letting him down but I haven’t opened up because I can’t, I’ve not talked about my problems to anyone in so long. But I wish I knew how to...
  10. Librho

    What exactly is this "adopt" thing?

    I’m an adopt creator! This thread has given me some great perspective so thanks for proposing the question. My answer about creators creating would be something like this; I create canine characters from scratch exclusively at the moment, I’ve been doing so for almost 2 months, it started as a...
  11. Librho

    What is your favorite dog breed?

    Akitas, Malamutes or chows ^^
  12. Librho

    Updating this cause I haven’t since august wow! I design canine OC’s for reasonable prices! I’m...

    Updating this cause I haven’t since august wow! I design canine OC’s for reasonable prices! I’m doing okay at the moment, still getting the hang of FA
  13. Librho

    [open] canine auctions SB:$20 AB:$70

    updated with new canine - #23
  14. Librho

    [open] canine auctions SB:$20 AB:$70

    advertising my canines here since I’m not sure where else ^^ more are open, I recommend checking out my DA if you like my style, I’d just hate to crash your monitor with all the images - DA [OPEN] - bidding started #30 [OPEN] - no bids #28
  15. Librho

    Works in Progress!

    Trying my hand at animation ^^
  16. Librho

    Animated ych icon wip

    hopefully will make this a ych icon but this is my first animated piece so it’s a bit choppy lmao yet to add: body, colour everything tbh not much to say about it tbh, any tips? adhd brain just needs the dopamine of posting/attention to continue
  17. Librho

    The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?

    It spawns a balloon set to pop after 2 minutes filled with skittles
  18. Librho

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    *Steals your win*
  19. Librho

    Hello - I’m new here and don’t know whats going on

    Hi! So you can call me Librho, Lib, Brho(bro) or anything really as long as I know to respond to it! I am an artist, college student, part time emplyee and somehow I’m doing okay? I’m autistic and haven’t done this much at one time in years because of burnout anyway, what’s going on here, how...