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  1. KitKatChunKiss

    Any furs from Quebec?

    I am ^^
  2. KitKatChunKiss

    Show me your art!

    My latest piece of artwork. More of my stuff can be found at Userpage of KitKatChunKiss -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  3. KitKatChunKiss

    Digital Artists, what art programs do you use?

    I mostly only use Kirta for 2D artworks. I tried PaintStorm and it was good too, but lacking a lot of important features that Krita has (and Krita is free but not PaintStorm). For 3D stuff I go with Blender and ZBrush, sometimes Maya.
  4. KitKatChunKiss

    can a woman still enjoy bara?

    Totally agree.
  5. KitKatChunKiss

    can a woman still enjoy bara?

    Same, like, why so oily lmao I try to avoid over doing it with the highlights in my works so it doesn't look oily. Yeah, I really do not like the whole concept of characters looking underage in an adult environment Dx Like, if it's sfw, at some point it's acceptable. In a familly friendly type...
  6. KitKatChunKiss

    can a woman still enjoy bara?

    Abs for days ;)
  7. KitKatChunKiss

    can a woman still enjoy bara?

    I am female and I prefer baras over skinny pretty bois. Same as your points of views about them. But I hate bras, they are a pain.
  8. KitKatChunKiss

    Why do you make art?

    Similar to you, I like to tell stories. I've never been good at expressing myself with words, so I learned to express myself with arts.
  9. KitKatChunKiss

    Furries and Coffee: Do they drink more or less than the average person?

    I drink Teas multiple times a day. Coffee only about 1-2 times per week usually. But I love both and I should drink more coffee.