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  1. KaneKisaragi

    Further Confusion! Who's going?

    ...If I meet you before hand, I'll be sure to bug you about it. ^^
  2. KaneKisaragi

    So Long on FA, Should have done this sooner

    Thank ye Thank ye ^^ More tigers = AWESOMEness ^^
  3. KaneKisaragi

    Califur '09!

    I see someone appreciates the Apply-goodness ^^ I'm trying to work with the other gaming coordinators to see what we can do about doing some gaming stuffs at the con. At the very least, I'll be bringing my set (Wooden Crate Edition! BooYa!) and hopefully at least one game will be played ^^.
  4. KaneKisaragi

    Stuffed animals

    I've got 1 cat 3 kittens (in a basket!) 1 stitch 2 1up mushrooms 1 goomba 1 koopa troopa 2 Taiko no Tatsukin drums! and a few others scattered around. I like my plushies, and I like my video games, what can I say ^^
  5. KaneKisaragi

    Further Confusion! Who's going?

    Didn't see a thread of this kind, so I thought I'd make one. Just a general raise of paws, who all is going to FC? And, just for flavor, some specific questions: 1) Anyone going to plan on attending The Eye of Argon? 2) Anyone going who is a table top gamer and would be interested in...
  6. KaneKisaragi

    FC! Looking for peeps to hang out with! And a few Questions!

    FC is like Califur with about 4 or 5 times as many people, and about 3 times as much space. This might make it sounds kinda cramped, but honestly, the only cramped times are when there are A LOT of furries all waiting or milling around for one particularly large event. Those who have attended...
  7. KaneKisaragi

    Califur '09!

    My name is Kane Kisaragi and I'm excited about this convention ^^ Seriously, have gone to it three times before, and you betch-yo-britches I'm gonna be making this one, and hopefully will be instigating another incredibly late night Apples2Apples game ^^
  8. KaneKisaragi

    New sexuality thread

    I find it amusing that, as it stands now, the poll does two things: 1) It breaks the "ALL FURS ARE TEH GAY" Stereotype. There seems to roughly be an even distribution between heterosexuals, homosexuals, and bisexuals. yet... 2) It supports the "MOST FURS HAVE TEH PENIS" Stereotype...
  9. KaneKisaragi

    Public Furry or Private Furry (in RL)?

    I consider it fun to be open about it. You don't need to go and flaunt it, being a show-off and a nuisance is a bad thing (for any member of any fandom or subculture really). But, generally, if people are even the slightest bit open minded about it, it can be fun to be "openly furry." Someday...
  10. KaneKisaragi

    I'm a little worried about something.

    Agreed ^^ And coming up with a definition for what is furry is just another thread waiting to happen (or another thread I haven't seen yet). It seems to me that people just decide for themselves whether or not they are furry, and they have there own reasons for it. And (beating a...
  11. KaneKisaragi

    Subby or Dom?

    *chimes in* Socially? I am whatever is needed. Sexually? Dom most of the time, but sub every once in a while. Note: I think Dom/Sub can be quite distinguished from Top/Bottom, and I suppose Top/Bottom would be another thread (with a TMI warning ^^)
  12. KaneKisaragi

    So Long on FA, Should have done this sooner

    Thank you both ^^ I'll be sure to PM you at some point. Now to go and explore threads
  13. KaneKisaragi

    So Long on FA, Should have done this sooner

    Hello FA Forums. I am Kane Kisaragi. Some of you know me, most of you don't ^^ I've decided that I'm done being bored at work, and so I'm going to try, try really freaking hard, to join a forum. I'm not usually really good with forums, I forget to visit, and fall of the face of the planet...
  14. KaneKisaragi

    Help a Con! Art for Advertising

    (duel posted on my FA Journal) First of all, Hello. My name is Kane, aka Joe Eder, and this is what I do. Right now, I'm in the middle of running a gaming convention in my area known as Polycon (http://www.polycon.org). This year, its PolyCon 25: Return of the Dragon. In two months, 250 of...